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Friday, May 03, 2013

Workers, march at the vanguard of the Philippine revolution!

From Philippines Revolution Web Central/Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins millions of Filipino workers on the occasion of the International Workers Day. As the advanced detachment of the working class, the CPP recognizes May 1 as among the most historic days for the toiling masses and their militant struggle to advance and defend their rights and welfare. May 1 has a special place in the history of socialist revolution.
On the occasion of May 1, the CPP joins the mass of Filipino workers in advancing and defending their democratic rights and welfare. The CPP supports the clamor of the workers for higher wages, to defend their union rights and oppose contractualization and other forms of flexible labor.
The conditions of the Filipino working class under the current US-Aquino regime are deplorable. Continuing the policy of “cheap labor” is among the fundamental policies of the US-Aquino regime in line with its perverted and worn-out “development” program designed by the IMF-WB that relies on foreign debt and investments. The problem of low wages is further aggravated by the “two-tier wage system” that basically denies the workers right to a minimum wage.
Almost half of the entire labor force are unemployed or underemployed. Around 10% of the Philippine population work overseas as contractual workers, indicative of the backwardness of the economy. The successive pro-IMF governments have opposed land reform and national industrialization. As a result, the problems of widespread unemployment and pervasive poverty, hunger and rural oppression have become acute. The reactionary government makes use of widespread unemployment to further push down workers wages.

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