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Monday, June 24, 2013

“Freedom of expression is a right I deeply value and must defend”—Susan Sarandon

One of the advantages of being the editor of this blog is getting email from such famous people as Susan Sarandon. She is well known as an Academy Award-winning actress for such work as Dead Man Walking, Thelma and Louise and the Client. Some of us also remember her from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Hunger. However, this is a good cause and she is very brave to take such a stand on such a controversial issue.

-សតិវ អតុ

Today, this right(Freedom of expression) is under serious attack in Turkey.

Join me in supporting Amnesty International in demanding justice for the thousands of peaceful protesters who have been injured in police violence in Turkey.

Since the clashes in Taksim Square began on May 28, Turkish police have used shocking levels of force to disperse peaceful protesters. Despite harsh international criticism, Turkish authorities have failed to step in to curb police abuse and help their own citizens.

Thousands of activists have been injured and unjustly imprisoned.

Over the weekend, police were seen firing tear gas directly at makeshift hospitals and detaining doctors and other medical personnel who were treating injured protestors. Recently, just as scores of lawyers were preparing to make a statement about the protests, they were arrested. People have also been detained simply for posting protest information on social media.

This must stop now.

Join me in petitioning the Turkish government to respect the fundamental human rights of its people.

Peaceful dissent should never be stifled with violence.

I support the nonviolent demonstrators in Turkey who, despite the risks, continue to take to the streets to call for basic human rights, including freedom of speech and for their right to be heard.

I urge you to give them your support, too.

Susan Sarandon
Actress, Activist

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