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Monday, June 03, 2013

Most of the press coverage on the Tea Party IRS scandal ignores the truth!

What can we say about those poor picked-on Tea Party activists? We all know that no liberal or leftist group could possibly be the victim of such deliberate government harassment. Why that’s just never really happened before—or has it?

The Tea Party has plenty of their own pundits, including all of Fox News, to build sympathy and support for their poor miss-treated patriots who would never fudge rules against the US government.

Consider what FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe said about the IRS;
 The IRS scandal is twice as bad as Watergate because of the breathtaking extent the agency was used to target conservative organizations filing for tax-exempt status as well as their donors.
“Watergate was an example of abuse of power by a few very powerful people, including the chief executive and the specific targeting of a few specific enemies,” Kibbe told WND. “In this case, you have an institution-wide bias, a widely known understanding that the IRS was targeting people based on their politics and their political philosophy. It was known for several years and yet it continued and it continued, and so you have one of the most powerful agencies of the federal government, as policy, going after the citizens, the mom-and-pop community leaders. They weren’t powerful.  They weren’t in a position to fight back. It was a widely known thing among tea partiers for years, and now the rest of America is finding out about it.”

Of course we knew we could count on our spineless President Barack Obama to quickly apologies for these whack jobs and their miss-treatment. According to USA Today;

Facing a wall of outrage from GOP lawmakers over revelations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted "tea party" groups and non-profit organizations that criticized the government, President Obama on Monday called the actions by agency personnel "outrageous" and said "there is no place for it."

And the big surprise is that there may actually be legitimate reasons for the IRS to check on some of these Tea Party groups. According to Business Insider;

But in testimony before Congress, two senior civil servants brought in to clean up after the affair gave evidence that suggests the reality may have been more complex than a simple case of political bias.
The IRS office in Cincinnati which decides whether to exempt such groups from income tax singled out 72 of them for scrutiny because they were openly affiliated with the Tea Party movement, together with 24 others whose names included associated labels such as "patriot".
To qualify for tax exempt status such groups have to show they are not directly backing a political candidate but they are allowed to campaign on general "civic issues".
However a further 226 other political groups were also placed in the same review whose affiliations were not immediately apparent from their name alone, which is often the case among liberal campaign groups. It remains unknown how many of these were in fact Democrat-leaning groups, partly because individual names cannot be publicly released under IRS confidentiality laws.

So the majority of the main stream press still expresses deep sympathy with the plight of these political clowns. They also ignore Democrat leaning groups getting the same scrutiny. -សតិវ អតុ

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