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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is there a significant Egyptian left? Here is an article from The Communist Party of Egypt

From The Communist Party of Egypt;

Arab left and the challenges of the current stage
Third Arab leftist meeting
(Beirut, 13 - 15 January 2 2012)

Suffered the Arab peoples to decades of oppression and tyranny, underdevelopment and dependency due to shed regimes authoritarian to the peoples of all Arab countries express the interests of layers and categories of large capital and parasitic rentier and semi-feudal hostile to the interests of the workers and popular masses, incorporated into the economies of their countries in the globalization of capitalism and abandoned completely for any development projects, and led its practices and policies to perpetuate underdevelopment and dependency and subordination to American hegemony and surrender to imperialism and Zionism schemes that seek to divide the region ethnically and ideologically and control over oil resources and the culmination of Israel as a superpower in the region and continued exclusivity possession of nuclear weapons .. This stood authoritarian regimes obstacle to any attempts to reform and change, bringing the Arab societies into a state of tartar and stagnation and deterioration unprecedented.
This dire situation is the result of the accumulation and combination of a number of factors that brought about this great imbalance in the balance of the region since the mid-seventies of the last century, after the collapse of the national liberation movement of Arab and signature system Sadat, the Camp David and the peace solo with Israel and put all the cards in the hands of America and exit of Egypt all What have the weight of the Department of the confrontation with Israel and the transfer of the reins of leadership of the region to the Arab states led by Saudi Arabia, and the escalation of current political Islam in all its wings and is backed by the ruling regimes in the Arab countries to face the progressive forces and democracy, as well as the negative consequences arising from the Iran-Iraq war and occupation of Kuwait by Iraq and the complicity of states Arab in facilitating the U.S. invasion of Iraq and its occupation in the aftermath of the events of September atheist 2001.
And entered the area fully under American hegemony and the Arab states abandoned realistic support for the Palestinian cause which came to a standstill after the Oslo Accords and the failure of bilateral negotiations under the auspices of the United States of America Israel Alastrutaچa ally.
And all this is reflected in the collapse of the official Arab system which revealed clearly bankrupt after the U.S. occupation of Iraq and deficit about Aladawan of the repeated Israeli on Lebanon and Gaza and surrender before the American-Zionist scheme to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the Judaization of Jerusalem, and the Declaration of the division of Sudan.
The United States succeeded in deploying its armed forces in most of the Arab countries until it became the largest crowds of these forces present in the Middle East after it had been in Europe, and roams the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Fifth Fleet in the Arabian Sea and the waters of the Gulf and the Indian Ocean carrying nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction and backed forces Israel after it won the most sophisticated American weapons and its monopoly of nuclear weapons to threaten the peoples of the region to comply and accept these peoples of the American Zionist schemes and private «Greater Middle East project, which includes Israel and the Arab countries under the domination of a joint US-Israeli ...
Under this scheme, the United States encourages the process of fueling sectarian conflicts in dotted to encircle Iran and the division and fragmentation of the Arab countries .. Where ignite the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites in the Arab Mashreq countries, particularly in Iraq and Bahrain, also led the sectarian conflict in Sudan and the policies of the Islamist regime in which the secession of southern Sudan, and arrived sectarian tension between Muslims and Christians in Egypt to serious condition is now threatening the unity Alencih of Egypt and the Egyptian state.
There is no doubt that the current rising influence of political Islam in all its factions has led to an escalation of the sectarian conflict which serves in practice this scheme hostile to the interests of the Arab peoples .. It also seeks to track character national liberation struggle into a religious conflict and distort the truth and the essence of class antagonisms in order to serve the interests of the capitalist right-wing forces in these societies.
Over the past decades has sought powers world imperialism and Zionism, led by the United States to impose a settlement on the Arab countries along the lines of Conventions peace with Egypt and Jordan, those agreements which considers Israel «treasure Astrutaچaa to Israel» according to a statement «Netanyahu» most Israeli leaders reactionary and intolerant before the Israeli Knesset.

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