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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Maoist Communist Party Manipur for a common platform of Maoists

From Maoist Road;


09 August 2013:In connection with its second anniversary, Taibanglen Meitei, chairman of the Maoist Communist Party Manipur extended revolutionary greetings to all the proletarian revolutionaries of the world particularly the Indian Maoist and its armed wing the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) , the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing the New People’s Army (NPA). The Manipur Maoist also extended revolutionary greetings to all Maoist groups of Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan as also to all the revolutionary groups of India’s North Eastern region.
The outfit also extended revolutionary salute all the martyes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Manipur from the times of Hijam Irabot till today. With the completion of two years of its establishment, the outfit will intensify its movement both at the international and national level, the Maoist statement issued by Taibanglen Meitei said. World Proletarian Revolution would have a new lease of life if Maoist groups operating in Asia worked together on a common plateform by setting up an Asian Maoist Coordinating Committee, Taibanglen Meitei observed in the statement and termed it as a scientific political outlook towards ending conflict in the Asian region.
The outfit will start having discussions on this matter with other groups in the region, it added. While stressing the need for taking forward the revolutionary movement in Manipur, the Maoist also reiterated its stand to safeguard indigenous communities and indigenous people. Sharing outfit’s view on the matter, the Maoist said any outsider who entered Manipur after 1949 will be treated as non-Manipuri and those who had settled in Manipur before 1949 and their offsprings will be declared Manipuri wheather they belong to Teli, Nepali, Bengali or other community. Manipuri if we study in details and discussed can be classificd into two groups -indigenous people and non-indigenous, the Maoist asserted and termed the indigenous Manipuri as those who settled in the soil from time immemorials and their offsprings.
Those who have migrated to the state from outside can be termed non-indigenous Manipuri, the Maoist said added that Nepali and Meitei-Pangal group which do not have Manipuri surname could be included in this group. The outfit however called for bringing unity amongst different communities and collectively launch a united offensive against India to free Manipur from its colonial yoke. The outfit also urged the people of all the communities to extend support and cooperate in various movements to be initiated to safeguard indigenous communities and people.

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