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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Military and pro-military bullies run Meagan May off of Facebook for her negative comments

Meagan May, the girl I wrote about yesterday, has deleted her Facebook page. Apparently this was the results of constant harassment by military and pro-military persons who didn't like her critical comments about the military.
They probably called or contacted that theater where she worked and tried to and get her fired—and it was a complete success. Some of them put up that Facebook page: "The TRUTH About Meagan Hatesoursoldiers May," a juvenile form of libel, and constant attempts to humiliate and harass the woman. They also put the same kind of libel and insults on her regular home page, trying once again to humiliate her and "pay her back" for criticizing what they see as our divine military men and women.
If they wanted to drive her off of Facebook—it worked.
They have shown us an example of US free speech in action. If a group of patriotic and pro-government persons feel insulted, they can and will try and cost the person his/her lively hood, reputation and humiliate them to the best of their ability. All this is retribution for those daring to criticize Americans who believe they are above the law, divinely anointed by God to protect this country, deserve lavish praise and should never have to listen to anyone who would disagree with what they do and say they do.
 Then they brag that they were fighting for "OUR FREEDOM." That includes freedom of speech. In May’s case, they treated her as if she were an “enemy combatant.”  They have a very strange idea of what freedom means. How can they fight on the other side of the world for freedom of speech then deliberately punish May for practicing such freedoms here at home?

Why can’t they see how foolish their arguments look to so many of us?
-សតិវ អតុ

PS; She just reopened her page tonight. I saw it at 10:02pm. A few hours after I posted the original of this.

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