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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Should we watch Obama’s speech?

President Barack Obama is making his speech to the American people in support of attacking Syria. According to The Boston Globe;
WASHINGTON — President Obama’s speech to the nation Tuesday night has turned into a defining moment for the remainder of his term. The outcome of his call for Congress to authorize military strikes against Syria could determine both his credibility on domestic issues and his power on the international stage, analysts said Monday.
The stakes remained high even in light of Monday’s development that Russia is pushing Syria to allow United Nations control of its alleged chemical weapons. In an interview with CBS, Obama said Monday night that any proposed diplomatic solution must be backed by the “credible military threat from the United States.”
We already had a story on one of Obama’s speech; "Obama's Speech on Syria: Lies to Justify an Immoral War"
So for many of us this is not really an important speech and we know what he is going to say already. For those of us who just want to pass up the whole thing, there are viewing alternatives, such as the show House, which I’m watching now.
There is Topper, really awful rerun, Dusty’s Trail, it really just Gilligan’s Island characters in the old west and it has the same scenario. There is also Hogan's Heroes. They suck, but they are better than that stupid speech.

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