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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

More opinions on the Federal Government Shutdown

From The World Can’t Wait;

It appears that a hardcore section of Republicans are so committed to blocking the health care law that they would be prepared to force the U.S. to default on its debt obligations.  It's reported today that some of them think default either is an over-hyped possibility, or wouldn't be so bad if it happened.

People who care about social justice have noted that, while programs people depend on are in danger or have stopped, no military operations are shut down.  We assume the NSA computers are humming along, and we know the Bay Area will be assaulted with "Urban Shield" October 25-28 in a FEMA "preparedness" drill.  

Will the fascists like Ted Cruz -- and I use that word advisedly -- precipitate both a constitutional crisis and a financial crisis and recession that could have severe global repercussions?  See an interview with Noam Chomsky who speculates the Republican Party establishment may not be able to control the base it's mobilized.
I suggest reading this piece from Revolution which seeks to answer:

"Is the situation as serious as some say? Why? Who are these Republicans? Are they just lunatics, fools, and racists—or are they actually proceeding with a strategy and a goal in mind? And what about the Democrats—are they “finally standing up for reason”? Why do these disagreements seem so bitter—is it for real, is it for short-term advantage, or is it just fakery altogether? What is really being fought over—is it only about health care? What stakes, if any, do the masses of people—in the U.S. but, more important, all around the world—have in this conflict? And what challenge does this pose to those who really want to see a better world?"  read more.
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