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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Communist Party India (Maoist)—International Committee to Support people's War in- India Part 1

From International Committee SPW India;

Raise high the flag of proletarian internationalism!
LAL SALAM for the success of the " International Conference in Support of
the People's War in India ! "
Dear Comrades,
On behalf of our party, the CPI (Maoist ), of the People's Liberation
Guerrilla Army ( PLGA), of the Revolutionary People's Committees (RPCs), of
the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people in India, we
send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt Lal Salam to all the
parties, organizations and individuals, in India or abroad, who made big
efforts to build up support and solidarity with New Democratic Revolution
( NDR) in India and abroad, held the "International Conference in Support of
the People's War in India" in Hamburg on 24 November 2012 and have made it a
Your messages and speeches, made in the true internationalist spirit, had
given the necessary moral support to the oppressed peoples and the comrades
who fight the battle at the frontline of the world socialist revolution,
i.e. in India, in a fierce battle with the class enemies. As each and every
one of you knows, here the harsh and repressive conditions exacerbate day by
day, so we could not receive timely all your messages, and also the messages
that have arrived, have reached us very late. We really are very sorry that
we reply so late to your good efforts.
It is particularly encouraging for us to hear that youth, students, women
and activists in the cultural field took part actively in the conference in
Hamburg. Reports on campaigns from different corners of the world have
filled us with warm enthusiasm, and the most important is that all this
solidarity made us more humble and full with the feeling of our
responsibility towards the world proletariat, and in view of our role in the
world socialist revolution. We would like to have taken part in this
Campaign and play a role in it, but because of the unprecedented onslaught
of the enemy, we could not.
You joint our hands in the hours of sorrow, as we suffered heavy losses at
the top level, the martyrdom of Comrades Shyam, Mahesh and Murali in 1999 or
the martyrdom of comrades Azad and Kishenji in the recent past. They were
all great leaders our revolution and were brutally murdered by the Indian
ruling classes with the support of imperialists. Your statement "the
struggle of the Maoists in India is our struggle, their defeat is our
defeat" has filled our hearts of the confidence and internationalist spirit,
that we very much needed to overcome the grief and move on with undaunted
You have correctly said that the way to honor the martyrs of the revolution
in India and in the world is to double the support for the people's war in
India, as part of the increasing struggle against imperialism in the world
and for the proletarian Internationalism, and we believe that the Conference
Hamburg showed to be another step forward in this, i.e. fulfill the
commitment you took.
All of you have consistently condemned the Indian government and have
protested with sincere indignation against its war on people, demanding its
immediate end. The people in the field of the revolutionary movement
remember with warmth the international solidarity expressed by the different
parties, organizations, individuals to the proletariat and the people of
different countries, because this is exactly the kind of support that any
real people's movement should extend.
You have started campaigns around the world to support the people's war in
India, especially in the belly of the imperialist beast, in the countries
where most of you are active, and the meaning is very strongly recognized by
us and the people fighting in one of the storm centers of the World
We higly appreciate this kind of support and solidarity and assert firmly
that we will give the same support to other Parties and mass organizations
fighting in all parts of the world. This type of solidarity gives great
confidence to the fighters, assuring that they are not alone in their
struggle. It also shows once again very clearly who are the common enemies
we face, imperialism, its puppets/lackeys and all sorts of reactionaries all
over the world. It promotes the fighting spirit of the people, urges and
help them to bring the movement constantly forward. Our party, the PLGA, the
RPCs, the revolutionary mass organizations, the revolutionary people and all
the progressive and democratic forces of our country want exactly such a
Unity and solidarity at internal and international level. This is extremely
important to defend and further develop the people's war.
Each party and organization that expressed solidarity with the ongoing
People's war in India has recognized this task as principal, not only in the
context of the revolution in the respective country, but also in the context
of being in solidarity with other revolutions. The principle that to advance
the revolution in our respective countries is the best way is to stand in
solidarity with revolutions in other countries was deeply expressed at this
conference and we completely agree with that. We, the Maoists in India, work
in the same spirit, and it has always bee the hallmark of our practice since
the days of the peasants armed uprising in Naxalbari led by the genuine

Ganapathy, Secretary, CPI (Maoist )
Also from Maoist Revolution. To be continued…

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