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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Anonymous protesters at Wichita Kansas City Hall

There was a protest Tuesday in front of the Wichita, KS City Hall building by local members of the group leftist political group Anonymous. Most were from Wichita but at least one was from Russell and another from Great Bend, both Kansas Towns.
“We are here for 
Guy Fawkes Day (November 5),” said another Anonymous member.
He added that there were protests across the country, with the main protest being the Million Mask March in Washington, DC. He said the protest were from across the world as well as in the US.
The Washington Post reported;
Around the world, people associated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous are participating in masked protests in honor of Guy Fawkes Day. The Washington, D.C., event associated with the Million Mask March featured a few hundred people upset about a wide range of issues. The group met in front of the Washington Monument before marching to the White House, and then continuing on to the Capitol.
The article also reported protester speaking out against NSA surveillance, other foreign affairs and genetically modified food. One of the local people present was protesting police brutality.
There were about 30 people at the Wichita City building. They were handing out leaflets. Most had the typical “Guy Fawkes” Masks that the members are known for wearing. 
“We speak with one voice, we are one people, we are all united,” said one of the local protesters.
The pamphlet they were handing out said;
Greetings Citizens of Wichita Kansas
Time has come for all the citizens of Kansas to awaken from a deep sleep the government has commitedly put you in! It is now more then ever that action must be taken against the evil intentions which the government repeatedly has show without any thought to human life but their own selfish needs! You must by all means educate yourself and your loved ones in knowing the evil that is portrayed against you and the constitution of the United States of America.

One of the local protesters told me their members are world-wide. Seeing them in Wichita surprised me and I realize they really are everywhere.

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