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Friday, November 08, 2013

Italy—Organize and Unite for the General Uprising

From the Communist Maoist Party-Italy;

Masters, Finance, Banking and their government - today Letta/Alfano/Berlusconi - deny a job to many unemployed, temporary workers, particularly in the south, to maintain with dignity their family, and many of them now have no longer any income; layoffs and closures of factories increase, the wages of workers and people's masses are attacked and so the cost of health care, education, housing, social services and the living in general get more expensive, the right to health and life is denied and increasingly at risk in the factories and polluted territories, while the government quickly finds the money for military spending, warships, F35 aircraft, while hundreds of immigrants escaping from hunger and war die in our waters.
Masters, governments and their state respond with repression to the movements of proletarians and people’s masses struggling, but repression does not stop but feeds the struggle!
Parties and official unions unite around the interests of the imperialist bourgeoisie to download the crisis on workers and people’s masses, while the politicians’ corruption, bribing and the big organized crime flourish.

In the crisis, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer!
Can we accept this? Can we do this life?

We call the workers, unemployed, temporary workers, youth, women, the masses to rise up and organize to defend their living conditions, to struggle for a job, income and health with a real general strike that really paralyzes the country and, within it and beyond it, to develop a general uprising to topple the Letta government and any government of the masters, against the bourgeois state and for the proletarian power.
It is in the fire of the outbreaks of this general uprising that the revolutionary party is built, the communist party, vanguard political fighter of the working class, for a new beginning of protracted people's war. It is in the fire of a general uprising the we can win and develop the mass organizations - class union, people’s organizations, revolutionary youth organization (red block), and proletarian revolutionary feminist movement - united in a revolutionary united front.
Any other path is the peaceful and parliamentary way that never gave any result for the proletariat and the people’s masses, any other organization, no matter how it defines itself, is dogmatic-revisionist or reformist and opportunist.
And this is the path of the workers who build the Maoist Communist Party in Italy, this is the path we and propagate in the national day of struggle on 7th of November – 93rd anniversary of the October Revolution.

 Partito Comunista maoista – Italia


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