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Friday, November 08, 2013

Nepal—a glimpse of hope—liberals red-bate us

It was this morning that I was listening to NPR, the so called “liberal” radio station. I guess it is liberal at times. But if the far-right and liberals have one thing in common, it is red bating. For example an NPR described China under the Maoist years as a “totalitarian economic basket Case.” Of course he didn’t call present day China as a totalitarian society. He went on to explain that China needs to be more like the west to become a major economic player.
That’s not the first right-wing comment I’ve hear by liberal NPR. They were giving a lot of positive coverage of the Free Syrian Army some time ago. Many of us see them as agents of imperialism.
Then there is the Huffington Post. This is what they had to say about the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and their attempt to return to their revolutionary roots and boycotting the present election system in Nepal;
A small faction of the Maoist party is hell-bent on creating chaos and disrupting the election. Nepali media is reporting sporadic episodes of attack on candidates and obstruction to campaigns all over the country. Nepali Congress, the United Marxist-Leftist (UMP) and the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will dominate the seats in the Assembly.
And soon we have Veteran’s Day and I’ve already had to overhear a teacher, in this place I am working, telling his students, “A soldier just died. They are out there defending you while you sleep at night.”
It was enough to make me puke. On the TV this morning there was a whole episode on the morning news about families being re-united with their military loved ones as they return (from defending the empire).
So it was a welcome relief to see the following articles written about the revolution in Nepal, published in Kasama Project;
By Mike Ely
 In our world, it is rare that defiance overruns despair.
The spread of revolutionary dreams among the planet's poorest people is a precious and welcome development. And the poor of Nepal have such dreams. The large revolutionary movement in Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries, is almost unknown in the U.S. It is invisible in the world’s mainstream news reporting. It is treated as unimportant, marginal and even (most unfair of all) as "terrorist."We ask you to take a moment to learn about it. We ask you to help spread the word. Millions of people in Nepal have sacrificed for radical change – acting together in waves of uprisings across the last twenty years.
By Gorki
The people of Nepal are speaking up - the Nepalese communists have a right to boycott their country's thoroughly bourgeois elections. Nepal is at a crossroads: it can either take the capitalist road or the socialist road; one leads to continuing misery and exploitation of the Nepalese people by the first world (and, it can be said, India), while the other will lead to new forms of popular representation and a renewed movement to finally rid Nepal of its rampant corruption and inequality under capitalism.
So in the US—especially in such places as Wichita—we endure tons of right-wing propaganda that is excruciatingly dull, boring and just plan annoying.
I have many friends in this town who are either liberals or democratic socialists. We are friends and we get along, especially on such issues as abortion. However, their ideology and their establishment proponents can become our enemies. We get disgusted and depressed over a system that rolls over us and squashes us like a bug. My friends and I have an agreement to disagree.

And the revolution in Nepal gives people as I real hope for change somewhere in the world. In a world gone mad, this is the best we ever had or as Mao(泽东) said; “Combat Liberalism.” 

-សតិវ អតុ

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