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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veteran’s Day—nauseating clichés—outright lies—but at least I get the day off

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and after watching ABC News and our local KAKE TV News, I am already nauseated. I usually run something about Veteran’s Day and what all our wars really amount to such as fighting for cheap gas, but this year seems to be the worst yet and I am guessing it will only get worse.
I just finished watching the evening news (ABC) and when I say News I’m using the term loosely because very little of it is actually was news. There was a large segment of surprise homecomings for the family of a navy sailor who just came back from fighting for our empire. Equally important was a segment of Beyoncé giving a fan a photo of herself at a concert. I’m sure nothing more important in the world was going on other than that. And Beyoncé is one of those plastic meaningless shallow singers who has virtually nothing of substance to sing about.
Then came our local KAKE TV with more about veteran’s and that phrase I have heard over and over and over and over and over all week long—“These are the people who are fighting for our freedom.” That is a blatant lie. NO ONE IS FIGHTING FOR MY FREEDOM. And this is a country that is more and more based on lying to its people through corrupt nefarious politicians and lazy ass-kissing TV anchors who act as if they are just mouth pieces for the two indistinguishable political parties that rule this so called “free country.” I don’t feel very free living here, but I guess that doesn’t matter to our corporate masters who have full control of our media and government.
Last week I worked at a school and could over-hear a teacher indoctrinating the students with a story about a soldier who just died and “They fight for the freedoms you take for granted while you sleep at night.”
It’s enough to gag me. I have tomorrow off due to this wonderful and important holiday and at least I have the option of NOT watching the phony news.
Happy Veteran’s Day! If you love killing people you don’t know, taking their countries over and stealing all their resources—be sure and thank a Vet.

-សតិវ អតុ


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