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Saturday, December 14, 2013


A Google Translation;

"Being attacked by the enemy, is not a bad thing but a good thing. I argue that , for us , it's bad if a person , party, military or school is not attacked by the enemy, because that means they have fallen to the level of the enemy. It is good if the enemy attacks us , because it proves that we have demarcated the fields with him ... " .

This excerpt from a historical statement of Chairman Mao (泽东) gives us a clear idea of why a significant number of leaders and cadres of imperialism and the big bourgeoisie on the one hand recognize (Nelson) Mandela 's life and bereaved issued another "regret " over the death of this servant .
Some people at certain stages of life take responsibility for fighting with his people for their claims or by the proletariat for power. But over time these same men may distort or reveal their true purposes and jump the ravine baring their true condition class . Most seriously, show your strategy to take advantage of certain " historical figure " to draw in the most vile and harmful way people navigate the bureaucratic road, the constitutional illusion of bourgeois democracy and peace.
Mandela , had arisen in 1961 within the African National Congress (ANC ) the need to undertake armed struggle in order to make a deep democratic transformation in South Africa, would be able to prison and after release become an important part imperialist gear to remove the revolutionary ferment of the South African people and become an icon of the " electioneering democratic transformations , bourgeois pacifists" that benefit both the old states and the old dictatorships .
Not account for the proletariat and peoples of South Africa and the world what purported to be in its infancy as a popular fighter , has decisively his behavior despicable , cowardly already in 1986 behind your organization CNA undertook a series of meetings and meetings with the enemy of the class and the South African people to betray the ideals and control program that went far beyond the racial , inclusive and claim that addressed important objectives such as the conquest of power .
Nestled in the shadow of betrayal, capitulation and petty bourgeois reformism , Mandela , like Castro, Ortega, Mujica , Dila Russeff and others remain in the annals of the history of the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world as brazen opportunists and traitors as well as being and have been the most effective and valuable characters in the counterrevolutionary strategy of imperialism.

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