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Friday, December 20, 2013

Phil Robinson—Duck Dynasty—Free speech—I don’t care!

By now most people have heard of Phil Robinson of Duck Dynasty TV fame. Those who watch Fox News (Faux News) we are supposed to believe that millions of Americans are screaming for A&E to rehire him. Conservative and a few libertarians are screaming that this was a violation of free speech.  
Even though I’m giving the story a little space, this is really a non-issue.  A&E a private company and private companies fire people all the time for frivolous reasons. Not more than a year ago, two different women got fired for allegedly disrespecting and criticizing the US military. No one cared about that, in fact a lot of conservative people applauded those companies that did the firing.  Even though these comments were on their personal Facebook sites and even though they made the comments on their own time, the usual argument was “you represent that company even when you don’t work there.” Another argument was “they’re a private company so you can’t really claim they violated your free speech.”
And Robinson’s firing is different how?” Others, as with the “war on Christmas” arguments, claim the firing was an attack on people’s Christian beliefs because some people oppose homosexuality because the Bible is against it.


If these conservatives really want freedom of speech they need to be consistent and support it every time it is violated and not just when it is something these conservatives believe in.   -សតិវ អតុ

Fox News Guest Mike Slater: Anti-LGBT Rant Makes Duck Dynasty

Faux News rises up to defend the free speech of nationally known bigots.

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