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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sri Lanka—Reminiscences on Comrade Sanmugathasan

I received this article from the Ceylon communist Party Maoist. -សតិវ អតុ

Excerpts From AWTW Magazine

By M.N. Ravunni ...
What is not so known is his consistent internationalist role in assisting and encouraging the anti-revisionist struggle within the Communist Party of India...
When the CPI leadership degenerated into the worst type of national chauvinism during the 1962 Indo-Sino war, he continuously wrote articles in the Thozhilali, a Tamil journal published by the Ceylon Communist Party, exposing the real culprits causing the war and the aims of the imperialists as the Indian comprador state....
After the breakdown in Indo-Sino relations it was exceedingly difficult to get copies of CPC ideological documents exposing the Khrushchevites. This put our group in difficulties, especially since the revisionists were well supplied with CPSU material. Comrade Sanmugathasan stepped in to help us. He arranged regular supply of CPC literature, translated most of the important documents into Tamil and Malayalam and got them printed in Sri Lanka for our use. I remember reading translations of important texts of the Great Debate such as 'On Togliatti' and 'More on Togliatti' made available by him. This assistance played a major role in spreading the activities of the anti-revisionist group centred in Madras throughout Tamilnadu and Kerala.
In 1964 the CPI split and the CPM was formed. But its leadership soon revealed its revisionist colours. Without violating the norms of fraternal relations Comrade Sanmugathasan consistently criticized their errors. When the 7th Congress of the CPM adopted a resolution 'On Revisionism', he promptly responded with a long critique exposing the revisionism embodied in those views. I happened to be the courier for reaching this critique to the CPM leadership which arrogantly rejected it. But its significance remained as a good direction to the communists within the CPM to continue their struggle and rebel.

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