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Friday, January 24, 2014

Unconditioned release for all political prisoners in India—event—Jan. 25!

Great International Day of Solidarity and Struggle!

From International Committee to Support the People's War in India;

In India more than 10.000 supposed Maoists are languishing in jails, to them
are to be added other thousands of prisoners involved in the national
liberation movements (Kashmir, Manipur, etc.) or other democratic movements.
Beside with the leaders, cadres and members of the PLGA, more than the 90%
of that number are Adivasi villagers who resisted the forced evacuation;
peasants who struggled against the MOUs signed by governments and TNCs to
exploit the people and continue the imperialist looting of natural
resources; activists of the national minorities organized against the rising
threat of Hindu communal fascism; students, intellectuals, artists belonging
the RDF and other democratic organizations, guilty of standing on the side
of the people facing the war on them waged by the Indian state; people's
women, feminists united to rebel against the huge escalation of rapes,
committed in part by the armed and police forces and paramilitary fascist
squads sponsored by the State, as weapon of the war on people.
In jails the prisoners face every kind of harassment, torture, denial of
bails, inhumane living conditions, arbitrary transfers, brutal assaults and
punishments of solitary confinement, and often the detained women are raped.
In spite of the fierce condition of detention, prisoners are resisting and
struggling with revolutionary spirit and turning the dark jails in which are
confined into a battlefront against the raising fascism in India and the
Indian regime.
The struggle for their unconditioned release is an urgent task for all the
solidarity forces and friends of Indian people, and it is integrant part of
the support for the victory of their liberation war.

But all India is more and more turned by the ruling classes into a "prison
house of people’s movements".
Since mid-2009, the Indian ruling classes, under the guidance and with the
assistance of imperialists, launched the multi-pronged and country-wide
offensive called Operation Green Hunt - a war on people to wipe out the
Maoist movement and suppress the genuine struggles of the people.
While repression on oppressed masses is the hallmark of any exploiting state
and always has been a feature of the Indian State, the Operation Green has
surpassed all the previous offensives both in its scale and brutality.
Thousands of revolutionary and democratic mass organizations leaders and
members have been assassinated, tortured and put in jails. Blamed under
false cases, many of them are facing harsh punishments.
Massacres, gang rapes, looting and destruction of villages by armed forces
have become the order of the day.
The Operation Green Hunt - War on People - is supposed aimed to wipe out the
Maoist movement but it is in fact it targets and is aimed to suppress any
genuine democratic demand of the people, by framing them in cases linked
with the CPI (Maoist) according the draconian laws adopted by the central
and state governments, that brand people's leaders and strugglers as
'anti-national or terrorists'.
Stop the Operation Green Hunt, stop the War on People!

But the liberation war of the masses in India cannot be stopped by the
savage repression, rather it extends the political and moral solidarity to
the liberation war.
Many international initiatives and efforts built solidarity with people in
India and supported their struggle for liberation, including the great
International Conference of Hamburg and the International Days of Actions
organized by the International Committee of Support. These initiatives had
impact throughout the world and in India itself, dealt blows to imperialism
and the Indian regime, that today reacts urging the governments, first those
of EU, to stop the initiatives of solidarity.
It is for this reason that today more than ever it is necessary to further
consolidate and extend the solidarity.
Therefore we call to a large International Day of Solidarity and struggle
for the unconditioned release of the political prisoners in India on 25th of
January 2014, to be held everywhere is possible in the world, in all the
possible ways decided by the committees and solidarity forces at national
level, with street actions, that call the masses to participate, and
counter-information actions and protests towards embassies, consulates,
offices of the international press and humanitarian organizations etc., to
be held during the week before the International Day.

International Committee to Support the People's War in India
Comitato Sostegno GP India
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