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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

North Korea vs. UN hypocrisy—imperialist liars of a feather flock together

Once again the US has orchestrated a campaign against The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and this time it has managed to use the United Nations as a ploy to make it look like the US has the whole world behind it. In reality the US is the most powerful empire in the history of the world. While the UN used to be a place where nations work out their differences, today, since the fall of its rival The Soviet Union, it is just an extension of the US and European imperialists to bully smaller and weaker countries.
There is also the new UN Human Rights Council, in Geneva Switzerland, designed to look like the court that put NAZI war criminals on trial after World War II. However, it is just a court designed to put small third world dictators on trial for crimes that the US and its allies have immunity. No one would dare put the so called “US Democracy” on trial and no one ever will.
The irony here is that the US has been considering a drone strike to kill an American citizen for a crime he might commit in the future. There is NO TRIAL—NO JUDGE—NO JURRY—JUST AN ASSASINATAION. This the kind of respect the US has for international law and yet it is allowed to enforce international laws on smaller weaker countries. It is a case of “the powerful do what they want—the week suffer what they must.  
Every time the US wants to promote “regime change” against an uncooperative adversary there is that parroting of said leader to be “just like Hitler.” If we look back at President George H.W. Bush said that about Saddam Hussein (صدام حسين). From PBS:
“Good and Evil
Bush, a World War II veteran, condemned the aggression(
before his Iraq war) and spoke of it in terms of "good and evil," often comparing Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler.” 
Sure enough—according to an article in the UK Guardian;
“North Korea human rights abuses resemble those of the Nazis, says UN inquiry
Inquiry chairman Michael Kirby writes to Kim Jong-un (김정은) warning he could face trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity
UN's dossier on North Korea's rights abuses – the main points
Sketches of prison abuse submitted to UN….
…..At a press conference to launch the report, Kirby said there were "many parallels" between the evidence he had heard and crimes committed by the Nazis and their allies in the second world war. He noted the evidence of one prison camp inmate who said his duties involved burning the bodies of those who had starved to death and using the remains as fertiliser.” 
Some of these charges may be real, but some sound like outright phony propaganda. The most ridiculous charge against the DPRK is that the government internationally tries to starve its people. The reality is that the US and its allies have tried to use sanctions to starve those people and use that as a weapon against that country. Now those same people who perpetuated that crime against humanity now turn the tables on the DPRK and try to blame them for crimes the imperialists have committed.
Typical of past pro-US regime change schemes are the call to action, without stating how Kim Jong Un will be captures and brought to justice. According to The Telegraph, (UK);
“North Korean security chiefs and possibly even Kim Jong Un, the leader of the country, should face international justice for ordering systematic torture, starvation and killings comparable to Nazi-era atrocities, UN investigators said.”
And how will the UN carry out this ultimatum against the DPRK’s government?—There can be only one answer and that is war. We know the US is not afraid to invade that regime. With the help of some allies to give it the allusion that this is the “whole world taking action” the US could easily roll into the DPRK’s territory and simply take over. It has done that in two other countries before. And if the atomic bomb gets used, we here in the US can safely bet only a few hundred thousand Korean people and few foolish US soldiers will die from that. -សតិវ អតុ

The Next Just like Hitler!
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