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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Afghanistan elections—American Century scam!

“The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must." — Thucydides Θουκυδίδης—from the Melian dialogue (Ancient Greece)

The elections in Afghanistan are the pinnacle of US lies—brutality—puppetry—dirty tricks & the ultimate example of US hypocrisy!
These elections are just a show case of the US and NATO imperialists’ manipulation of world opinion. They invaded Afghanistan, created a puppet regime and are now trying to prove to the world that this despicable sham is an example of “democracy spreading across the globe.” In reality this is a part of what was labeled the American Century at the beginning of this new 21st century.
The American Century is now the official party line of the US government. This policy was originally touted by conservatives as the grand plan of the US government. When most people realized it was nothing more than brutal aggression against the poorer countries, the policy was covered up. The news media—Imperialism’s lap dogs—dropped any mention of this policy—even though it is now the law of the land and the law of the world.
The amazing part of the American Century is that it is completely bi-partisan. President Barack Obama is just as imperialist as both of the Bush presidents who preceded him. In foreign affairs Obama is a brutal and bloody imperialist who plays stooge to the US military industrial complex.

As for democracy—this country has become a police state where elections allow us to chose between a conservative Democrat or an ultra-right-wing Republican. Ronald Reagan and the conservative push he mastered during his eight years in office have left anyone on the left (especially the now defunct liberal wing of the Democrats) with no choice at all on our ballet boxes. US democracy is a pathetic joke, especially when businesses and their owners, such as the Koch brothers, use their massive fortunes to control these campaigns. Most voters can only flip a switch while billionaires actually make all the real decisions.
Without real democracy how can this country export it elsewhere? In reality democracy means THE PEOPLE- NOT AN OUTSIDE FOREIGN POWER-DETERMINE DEMOCRACY. Since those forces were entirely imposed from the US and NATO military forces—with no input from the native people of Afghanistan- there is no democracy—it is a façade.
Then there is the US mainstream media. They are independent of the government but they don’t act like it. There has been NO debate over the justification of the military occupation of Afghanistan and other foreign policies of the country. They act as complete lap dogs. Nothing more than cheer leaders for the US and NATO empires. There are some NATO country news media cheer leaders also, such as the UK Guardian.  

“Afghan hope prevails as presidential election day arrives”
Ordinary Afghans vow to defy fraud, violence and intimidation to turn out in large numbers to choose Hamid Karzai's successor…..
… But Afghans are vowing to defy the violence and the cheating to vote in large numbers, at least in areas where they can reach voting centres safely, after a campaign that even cautious observers are admitting has been more successful than almost anyone anticipated.”

From CNN;

“Afghans flock to vote for new president despite threat of Taliban violence….”

And this CNN quote shows how foolish this election is as this man barely seems to know who he is voting for.

"Today, I came to here to select my next president and I hope that whoever it is... is a good person, who will help the people and bring changes to Afghanistan," said one voter at a Kabul polling station.”

 The conflict is constantly portrayed as the brave and noble Afghan people standing up to the Taliban. I see blue thumbs on the hands of voters on my TV. But there are others besides the Taliban who oppose the occupation of their country and the puppet government imposed on them. There have been Afghan military officials who turned their guns on US army troops who do not have known connections to the Taliban.
There are leftist groups, such as the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan (شعلهً جاویدcontinue to condemn the US occupation of their country and the puppets who run it. This is what they had to say about their elected officials;

 It is possible that the puppet regime under a new president might have slightly more authority in particular areas, although its essence as a satrap puppet regime would fundamentally remain intact. Unemployment, poverty, hunger, addiction, oppression of women and oppressed nationalities, theft and plunder of the commons, plunder of mineral resources and destruction of the environment will continue to affect this already ravaged country and wreak havoc upon its people.

We all need to look beyond our news media’s hype and reject the idea that there is any kind of democracy going on. As in the US—forces are in place to keep alternative and real progressive political movements out of the new government. This is a US puppet and any ideas of real positive change are an illusion.
-សតិវ អតុ

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