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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

¡Viva el Primero de Mayo!

This speech was posted on both Fraccion Roja, Which is run by Partido Comunista de Bolivia Comité de Reconstrucción (Communist Party of Bolivia Committee of Reconstruction) and Luminoso Futuro (Brite future)[1]. I have been posting what others have posted for May Day and this was posted by our comrades from Bolivia and Panama. The following is a Google translation. So in solidarity with our other Maoist parties around the world here is a May Day speech by Joseph Stalin:
-សតិវ អតុ

Comrades !
In the past century and decided the workers of all countries celebrate every year on this day, the day of May . It was in 1889 , at the Congress held in Paris by the socialists of all countries. The workers chose precisely this day, the first of May , when nature awakens from hibernation , when forests and mountains are covered with verdure , when the fields and meadows are adorned with flowers, when the sun begins to warm more force, the air feels the joy of renewal and nature comes to joy and gladness ; was on that day when the workers decided to declare to the world , loudly and openly , which they brought to mankind spring and release the chains of capitalism , the workers are called to renew the world based on freedom and socialism.
Each class has their favorite holiday . The nobles established their own parties , and proclaim them the "right" of robbing the peasants. The bourgeois have theirs , and they " justify " the "right" to exploit workers . There are also parties to the priests , and they exalt the existing social system , in which workers perish in misery while parasites swimming in abundance.
Also the workers should have their party, and it should proclaim : I work for all, freedom for all, equality for all men. This festival is the celebration of May Day.
That's what the workers and decided in 1889.
Since then the battle cry resonates with working-class socialism growing force in rallies and demonstrations of May . Whenever overflows with broader labor movement of the ocean , spread to new countries and states, from Europe and America to Asia , Africa and Australia . The International Union of workers in weak times, has been developed in the course of a few decades to become a great international fraternity which holds regular Conferences and unifies millions of workers from every corner of the world. High waves rise in the sea of proletarian indignation , which increasingly threatening attacks hesitant bastions of capitalism. The recent great strike of coal miners in England, Germany , Belgium, America, etc. . , Strike that has sown fear among operators and the kings of the whole world, is clear indication that the socialist revolution is not far away ...
"We do not worship the golden calf ! "We do not need the reign of the bourgeoisie and the oppressors !
Death Curse and capitalism with the horrors of poverty and the bloody massacres ! Long live the reign of work, live socialism !
Here is what we proclaim today conscious workers of all countries.
And certain of victory , serene and strong, marching proudly down the path that leads to the land of promise , by the road to socialism light , being implemented step by step , the great slogan of Karl Marx : "Workers of all countries , unite! "
So celebrate May Day workers free countries .
The Russian workers , since they started to become aware of their situation , not to be left behind by their comrades and always add their voices to the general chorus of his comrades from abroad , celebrating with them on May Day , nevertheless , despite the fierce repression of the tsarist government . True, in the last two or three years in the period of the counter and disintegration Bacchanal Party , industrial depression and lethal political indifference among the masses, the Russian workers were unable to celebrate as once your light working party. But the revival has started in the country recently , economic strikes and political protests among workers with reason, for example , the review process of the Social Democrats to the second Duma deputies ; the rising discontent among large peasant layers due to hunger that plagues more than 20 provinces ; protests by hundreds of thousands of clerks against the regime "renewed" the Black Hundreds in Russia ; all this indicates that the mortal lethargy disappears , giving way to political resuscitation of the country and , above all, the proletariat. So this year the Russian workers can and should reach out to this day their comrades abroad. So should celebrate with them , in one way or another , on May Day .
Today must declare that they are really comrades free countries , who do not worship nor adore the golden calf.
They should add to the overall claim of the workers of all countries his own claim , the Russian claim the overthrow of Tsarism , the implementation of the democratic republic.
"We are odious tyrants crowns " "We bow to the sufferings of the martyred people ! "
Down with Tsarism bloody ! Down the landed property of the nobles ! Down with the tyranny of employers in factories and mines! Land to the peasants! The 8-hour day for workers! The democratic republic for all citizens of Russia!
Here's what you must also proclaim today the Russian workers .
Lie and are lackeys of Nicholas the Last Russian liberals when they say among themselves and to others that has taken hold in tsarist Russia and is able to meet the basic needs of the people.
Cheat and Pharisees are Russian liberals when orate in all shades that the revolution is dead and we live in a "renewed" regime.
Look around in your : does the grieving Russia a country seems " refurbished" , a " prosperous and well managed " country?
Instead of a democratic constitution , a system of hanging and arbitrariness fierce !
Instead of a parliament of the whole people , the Duma black black landowners!
Instead of the " unshakable foundation of civil liberties " instead of freedom of speech , assembly, press, association and to strike, you promised and in the message of October 17 , the iron claw of " given "and" command and control " newspapers suspended , pro deported , unions closed , assemblies dissolved by force!
Instead of individual freedom , beatings in prisons, outrages citizens , bloody repression against strikers in the Lena gold placers !
Instead of meeting the needs of farmers , a policy that continues divesting land to peasants !
Instead of good order in the administration of the property of the state, in the municipalities larceny , larceny by the railway authorities , larceny in the forest economy , larceny in the Navy !
Instead of order and discipline in the state apparatus , forgery in court , blackmail and charges by the police , assassinations and provocations in the sections of the Okhrana !
Instead of international greatness of the Russian state , the shameful failure of the Russian "political " in the affairs of the Near and Far East , the role of executioner and devastating Persia, bathed in blood!
Instead of the peace and welfare of citizens , suicides in cities and the terrible hunger 30,000,000 peasants in the villages !
Instead sanitation and customs clearance , an unprecedented depravity in monasteries, these bastions of official morality !
And to complete the picture , the bestial downloads made ​​against hundreds of workers in the pleasures of Lena ! ...
Destroyers of conquered liberties, worshipers of the gallows and executions, parents of " given " and " command and control" , mayors thieves, robbers engineers , police looters, murderers gendarmes , depraved Rasputins : why are the " renovators" Russia !
And there are still people in the world who dare to say that in Russia all goes well, the revolution is dead!
No, comrades, where millions of hungry peasants and the workers strike execute him , the revolution will continue living , until it is wiped off the face of the earth shame of mankind : the Russian Tsardom .
And today, on the day of May , we must say in one way or another , at meetings , on field trips or picnics in the secret meetings , as is most convenient in each locality , who vowed to fight for the overthrow final of the tsarist monarchy , we welcome the imminent Russian , liberating revolution in Russia !
So let us reach our comrades abroad with them and proclaim in unison :
Down with capitalism !
Long live socialism !
Izemos flag of the Russian revolution and inscribe on it:
Down with the tsarist monarchy !
Long live the democratic republic !
Comrades, today we celebrate the First of May ! Long live May Day !
International Social Democracy Live !
Long live the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party !

The Central Committee of P.O.S.D.R.
Produced as proclaimed in April 1912.

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