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otto's war room banner

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A call from Turkey

People's Front:

Our Condolences to the Peoples of Turkey and the World!

We offer our condolences to the peoples of Turkey, and families and relatives of our workers who lost their lives in the mine disaster that happened in Soma town of Manisa, Turkey.
AKP is the one who is responsible for the death of hundreds of workers. This is not a destiny but a negligence. What happened is not a work place accident but a massacre committed by the AKP government.
The workers who lost their lives and their great efforts are our honour. The deaths will greaten our rage against fascism and imperialism.
There is no sleep for us until imperialism and imperialistic exploitation is not abolished from the face of this earth. We will call this very system to account for plundering the people, forcing people into living under horrible living conditions and massacring them with our organized struggle.  

Long Live the International Solidarity!
Long Live Our Struggle against Fascism and Imperialism!
Anti-Imperialist Front


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