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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


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From Fraccion Roja:

The Reconstruction Committee of the Communist Party of Bolivia , was formed on 1 May 2013 ( when the government of the Plurinational State subjected to a ruthless and massive repression of workers fighting for a pension of one hundred percent ) by unanimous decision communist comrades different paths converged towards a center of revolutionary historical nucleation , having overcome enormous obstacles as a result of our persistent and unwavering uncompromising struggle against opportunism and revisionism that word declared revolutionaries and communists , and practice are still some recalcitrant reactionaries under the strategy of U.S. imperialism , fulfilling the negligible role of alienating the masses from their strategic objective , unconditionally supporting a populist government in its task of reorganizing the old bourgeois state and landlord under a new type of state called Plurinational , where the model of plural economy in the interests of the big bourgeoisie and transnational responds to the emergence of a new faction of the anti-national bourgeoisie , as with the cooperative (new super- state cooperative mining ) mining bourgeoisie.

With confidence we can say that we have progressed in line with our goal of creating the material conditions for the reconstruction or overhaul of a major Communist Party of a new type with the principles and teachings of the great masters of world proletarian revolution, and in light of experience comrades in other parts of the world in the fight against our common enemy who took the challenge to rebuild or reestablish communist parties against the old matches opportunists and revisionists , or that institutional and systemic left and renouncing its principles fulfill the function of legitimizing the reproduction of the system of capitalist exploitation and oppression .

The current political situation in the country, by the way is highly adverse to our goal , but that is why our irrevocable decision to continue and persist with the revolutionary task to rebuild and reshape the Communist Party of Bolivia of new type. The government called the "process of change" that has the task of reorganizing the old Bolivian state under its new state form , Plurinational , has been developing a petty bourgeois revolutionist first speech trying to convince and convince us that it is a revolutionary and anti-imperialist government when in fact the material truth is quite the opposite , and even proved to have fascistic traits using reactionary violence and state terrorism against the struggle of the workers, peasants and the popular movement at different times of the class struggle , the end to promote and pursue the destruction of the political organization of the workers, the workers Party ) .

When the same President Evo Morales says that esmasista or fascist , in its logic , all revolutionary , anti-imperialist and communist would be true fascists , by the mere fact of not support him in his task of reorganizing the old state to save him from his crisis; while right in all species is entrenched in the public administration of the old state and government itself would be revolutionary and even who knows communists ( even though they know not intone THE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL as happened on May 1 last year and this year). Not by Vice President Garcia Linera something , repeatedly allowed to speak and quote Marx , Lenin and Mao Tse Tung up to , in order to conceal ideological postmodernism and the bourgeois state reorganization, which reflects the strategy of U.S. imperialism . ( The popular revolt in October 2003 , was cleared by the reaction , imperialism and NGOs to the constitutional succession , the Constituent Assembly and the reorganization of the old state to save him from his crisis).

Under these conditions , we must persevere tirelessly and resolutely to achieve reconstitution or re-founding of the Communist Party of Bolivia of new type , at a time when international fascism as is happening in Europe , emerge from the shadows sinister hand of U.S. imperialism ; and so also is gaining momentum as the fierce global trend to reconstitute and refound new Communist Parties in response to the old pro matches lounging bourgeois ideology , revisionism and opportunism , enemies of the revolution .

Following the great masters of the world proletarian revolution (Marx, Engles , Lenin , Stalin and Mao ) reaffirm that while there is not a Communist Party of a new type in our country , ready to organize and lead the workers and peasants to seize power state political , revolution and socialism will never transition to communism. Everything else is an illusion , as with the current government and its ambiguous " change process" or "democratic cultural revolution " that revolution or revolutionary process has nothing but pure and simple old Bolivian government reorganization .

Along with Lenin say irretractablemente : "We are marching in small group along a precipitous and difficult, strongly holding hands way we 're surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we have to advance almost constantly under fire We have joined under a decision. . freely adopted precisely to fight the enemies and not fall , giving a setback to neighboring swamp , have reproached us from the beginning that we have not separated into a separate group and we have chosen the path of struggle instead of reconciliation " .




! To rebel !

Political Committee

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