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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Latin American—joint Statement on the occasion of May 1st

This is a Google translation of excerpts from the document;

In this May 1, full of revolutionary optimism, salute the international proletariat, last class in history, having the historic task of emancipation from their oppressors while releases to all the oppressed and exploited classes; salute the revolutionary proletariat, through its vanguard party has the indispensable task of conquering political power in each country and lead humanity towards red and gold glowing dawn of communism.

We also welcome the revolutionary masses in each country, the thousands of fighters detachments of this international guerrilla army; greeted the members, cadres and Communist leaders who daily scramble, fight and resist taking the lead in advanced masses.

Also honor the memory of the fallen, those who realize the need for watering ideas were not afraid of blood sacrifice for them to flourish in the village; honor the Communists who paid with their lives the price in blood to make fertile land on the red seed crop will inevitably revolutionary….

... 1 International Situation:
1.1 The inter- collusion is circumstantial and relative, absolute struggle
Inter-imperialist contradictions are sharpening

U.S. imperialism, remains only hegemonic superpower, and as such extends its tentacles throughout the world, so increasingly militarized, without respecting international legal institutions that has raised itself, sowing wars, genocide applying everything to ensure their decomposed and decadent dominant condition. In this effort, U.S. imperialism wants to engulf Russia, which weakened and unable to recover is to resist and maintain their positions in what it considers its own backyard.

U.S. needs to increase its political and military domination of the planet to sustain its flagging economy. The latter does not preclude the other imperialist powers and replace dream of becoming the next world order gendarmes. Germany, France, Japan and England dream become superpowers and be one of them next hegemonic imperialist state worldwide.

Meanwhile Russia, despite its economic downturn with the collapse of the social-imperialist Soviet Union maintained its status of nuclear superpower and Putin at the helm has been making vain attempts to regain the position it eventually reached with Khrushchev and successors in the USSR usurped and converted into social- such as in the delusional dreams of Tsarist Russia.

Russia has not recovered , Putin to head the Russian monopoly attempts to preserve areas of influence that still have to , it has tried to raise the image of a country with a manifest destiny in the area , an issue that is not new. Lenin in his struggle against the tsarist monarchy accused “Great Russian chauvinism and Pan-Slav”; also claiming that Russia had become a prison of nations. The case of Ukraine is an example of inter dispute, the U.S. has gained ground in an area traditionally claimed by Russia. Ultimately it is an aggression against the proletariat, the masses and Ukrainian nation by the imperialists and their lackeys in the country….

… The Chinese social-imperialism is developing its military apparatus and dreams strengthened challenging Japan and U.S. imperialism own or in collusion with them through the distribution share of the oppressed countries. That is absolute struggle as China proves colludes with Russia to act in Syria, Iran or Venezuela. Collusion and conflict, major conflict between the various imperialist powers. But neither Russia nor China reached U.S. military capacity.
The contradictions of U.S. imperialism with France and England, or containment of China indicates that practices what already warned Lenin as a feature of imperialism in its early stages, a feature that can find today several times more acute; regard states in 1916: " There is no doubt, therefore, that the transition from capitalism to the stage of monopoly capitalism, financial capital, is related to the exacerbation of the struggle for the redivision of the world.”…

… Barak Obama is living proof that imperialism just planting and harvest failures disturbance to total ruin. Opportunism and revisionism tried to sow the illusion of a new kind of American president, who would bring peace to the world and a new era of prosperity. It should not be the slightest doubt that Obama is more of the same, as the Bush or any other, are children of the same dunghill; all of them continue to fulfill the same tasks: relaunch an imperialist economy struggles in his last and final crisis; carry forward the counter hitting the labor and popular movement in all countries and especially to end the armed struggle for national liberation and people's wars.
Today, when the preparations for a third imperialist world war is more patent, are prophetic words of Lenin said 100 years ago about the imperialist tasks: " The struggle for markets and the looting of foreign countries , the desire to suppress the revolutionary movement of the proletariat and democracy in the internal order, and the desire to deceive, divide and annihilate the proletarians of all countries , launching the wage slaves of one nation against another wage slaves for the benefit of the bourgeoisie : that's the only real content and meaning of the war. "

1.2 . The imperialist system in its latest crisis

Already in the Communist Manifesto nature of capitalist crises is explained; today when the capitalist system has become imperialist system, against the “brainy” forecasts monopolistic bourgeoisie, this system continues to produce deepening crisis.

Thus U.S. imperialism (mainly) 6 years ago an economic crisis develops continuously. On countless occasions fools of imperialism have decreed the end of the crisis and the beginning of recovery. However the only thing that we have found is the deepening of the crisis, such that there is no longer anything but inter- war or the brutal plundering the semi.

A major thesis of Chairman Mao Tsetung argues that imperialism is a paper tiger, but really seems mighty powerful people. But further argued that imperialism would be wiped off the face of the earth in the next fifty to one hundred years, that amid wars and revolutionary wars of aggression.

This year marks 100 years since the start of the first imperialist war. These are the centenary of the first great imperialist world war, war is characterized by the term distributions in the world, war looting of markets and sources of raw materials, war by holding the piece of free labor in colonies and semi-colonies, war for late maintenance of feudal and semi-feudal and bureaucratic capitalism in these countries system. Do not forget, however, that the great Lenin also found that the war conditions are ripe for revolution.
 2. Wars of aggression: An expression of the contradictions between imperialism and oppressed nations

We have a world divided between imperialist superpowers, powers and oppressed countries. Imperialist oppression wherever the colonial and semi-colonial countries, that is, today, the oppressed nations.

In Latin America, Asia or Africa, imperialism operates wars of aggression. Africa is a sad example of this situation. Both France and England or Germany have increased their intervention. Even in Central Africa a joint intervention is planned. China is expanding its commercial radio and is not intended to be left behind in this new deal.

The wars of aggression and genocide have not stopped in the semi; imperialism increasingly militarized shown the falsity of his promise of “peace and prosperity for the world." You can not concretize because it would go against their own bestial nature. Looting and distribution of the colonies and semi- tense international situation. Different imperialists pressed to weather crises and struggle with each other for the redivision of the world.

The imperialist oppression of colonial and semi-colonial countries oppressed has become more acute. Invasions based on own imperialist laws are in utter bankruptcy to the UN and instead gains more weight direct military action cynically conceptualized as "active defense."
3 Rebel!

Today we are witnessing how wars of aggression turned against the aggressors themselves. Imperialism everywhere sowing unrest and crop failures. This is because even if the promise of stability and happiness looking delude sections of the people, sooner or later come to realize these con, deceit. Imperialism is an expert in lie, cheat, cheat, distorts in order to maintain its hegemonic position and secure the monopoly profits. No limits in fulfilling their ambitions and spares no expense to undertake all types of actions throughout the world, causing pain and sorrow in the oppressed peoples and nations. However, on imperialism and in 1948 Chairman Mao Zedong warned: “This enemy has a fragile base, disintegrates internally, and is separated from the people and inextricable economic crisis; therefore, it can be defeated. It would be a serious mistake to overestimate the strength of the enemy and underestimate the Revolution. "

But imperialist oppression, wars of aggression and hegemonic desire are causing resistance and combat. In short we reaffirm that oppression breeds rebellion. This sharpens the class struggle and is placing the agenda the problem of revolutionary violence as necessary, just, legitimate and urgent response. Along with the latter, is of cardinal importance that the direction of rebellion, the need to solve the problems of a just war, and these problems make the substantial difference between the victory of the revolution or temporary defeat….

Solving these problems is impossible without a revolutionary center that directs this mass revolutionary war; without a communist party, a militarized Marxist- Leninist -Maoist party to lead this war as people's war, without all this, the people have nothing and any victory is impossible. Without a communist party, not a revolutionary army, not a single revolutionary front, without these three essential tools all have the proletariat and the people. No wage armed struggle, without establishing revolutionary base, nothing will the proletariat and the people. Nothing.

Only the national democratic revolution led by the proletariat and its party will solve the fundamental problems of each country that makes up the oppressed nations ; only by old people's war and the imperialist states and semi-feudal relations that protect and victory of the revolution will be achieved will be destroyed ; only revolutionary violence will be destroyed bureaucratic capitalism in the oppressed nations ; only revolutionary popular war violence embodied in new power will be set on the way to form new democratic people's republics ; only revolutionary violence , with people's war , you can go on uninterrupted advance to socialism and then by communism proletarian cultural revolution . Undoubtedly advancing the people's war in different countries will be uneven and according to their respective characteristics. In the imperialist and capitalist countries is socialist revolution; the center of the global people’s war is the oppressed nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America: the oppressed countries that are the basis of world revolution.

Protests have increased every continent. In the imperialist powers protests have intensified in recent years. Fighting economic adjustment measures required for example in Europe by governments, the European Union and the European Central Bank itself, have caused mass protests against unilateral measures “austerity." With the growing protest reactionary repression unleashed, policy measures fascist and anti- popular laws. It is the struggle between revolution and counterrevolution ….
… As President Gonzalo teaches us hoisted and we reaffirm the omnipotence of the people's war. Popular wars are central to the international situation, in Peru , Turkey, the Philippines and India are our strongholds , our revolutionary advanced , mainly because Peru has defined and implemented the most advanced , ie Maoism as new, third and higher stage of Marxism- Leninism. These processes have lasted many years, across two separate baths of blood that triggered the reaction, their addresses have been hit quite often the subject of selective annihilation by the enemy. However, the twists and turns, kicks, twists and blows struck by the open counter are incomparably insignificant next to the capitulations, betrayals and line changes as happened in Peru with capitulationism LOD and lived in Nepal prachandism hand.

But these setbacks are part of the overall progress that has been experiencing, inscribed within the next 50 to 100 years when imperialism is swept from the face of the earth, within the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution forward. For more strong the counterrevolutionary offensive unleashed by the reaction and imperialism (mainly Yankee), even betrayals that revisionism (bourgeoisie infiltrated into the proletarian ranks) achieve or attempt, revolution is the political trend and main story.
We are in a great new wave of world proletarian revolution. The revolutions in each country have been dodging all sorts of difficulties, the Communist parties that drive revolutions, organizations scramble to constitute or reconstitute, are all international Red Army detachments.

We are in the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution. Prospects can not be brighter. The future is bright for the poor and oppressed of the world. Since 1871, through the twentieth century, so far elapsed until the present, has generated a glorious history of the world communist and revolutionary movement. The most important transcendental progress seen since the Paris Commune , historical and political milestone which began the strategic defensive mentioned show us the importance of revolutionary violence , but we also warns of a dangerous enemy….
.. 6. MCI and the need to rebuild the Communist International

The world proletarian revolution needs its proletarian vanguard , you need to conquer the power of different and opposing the bourgeois parties , these are the Communist parties , forces - cores necessary for the triumph of the revolution. Likewise, we need not only constitute or reconstitute militarized communist parties, but we also need to rebuild the Communist International founded by Lenin in 1919. In this perspective , we reiterate the importance of two-line struggle to maintain the unity of the movement and of own parties in each country in ever higher levels.

A 150 year anniversary of the International Workers Association:
Fly and defend the red flag of Communism!

In 1864 I founded the International, launched amid persistent struggle against opportunist currents of the period, was able to establish the political and ideological foundations of the revolutionary movement that eventually ended up winning the vast majority of European socialist parties of the time. A brief but exemplary balance is found in the Basis of Party Unity of the Communist Party of Peru:
" The International Workingmen's Association or First International was founded by Marx and Engels in 1864 and crushing of hard struggle and the anarchist Bakunin positions , one establishes that the doctrine of the proletariat : Marxism . Lenin says the role that I fulfilled the International is putting the ideological basis of the doctrine of the proletariat. The International was divided and charged to Marx and Engels have split, they said that if this division had not occurred, the International would have died anyway murdered by the unit setting aside the principles. “(PCP, 1987)….
… Finally, we are left to conclude with the following statement by Marx and Engels argued in 1879:
“Being founded the International, clearly formulated its battle cry: The emancipation of the working class must be the work of the workers themselves.”

1º de Mayo de 20
Partido Comunista del Brasil – Fracción Roja
Partido Comunista del Ecuador – Sol Rojo
Frente Revolucionaria del Pueblo (Marxista-leninista-maoísta) de Bolivia
Fracción Roja del Partido Comunista de Chile
Asociación Nueva Democracia (Perú), Alemania
Organización Maoísta por la Reconstitución del Partido Comunista de Colombia

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