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Monday, June 23, 2014

Campaign of lies, criminality and arbitrary arrests of protesters

A Google translation:

On the morning of May 23, hooded and armed police submachine simultaneously invaded the homes of young activists in Goiânia - GO. The police action called "Operation R $ 2.80" aimed to meet search and seizure warrants against activists who, according to the chief of the civil police, Alexander Lourenco, State Police Repression of Organized Criminal Actions (Draco) would be suspected of " victimize at least 100 buses of public transport in the capital during demonstrations in recent weeks. "
Three activists were arrested, had their computers and other belongings seized.
"We want to stop the vandalism. They had already called other acts for this week "- said the delegate to the media after the arrests.
In recent months, Goiânia, and many other capitals and cities of the country, was the scene of protests against raising tickets and against bad public transport. In several of these protests, the angry populace turned against the bus. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, during a strike by road in May and other protests in the suburbs, the fury of the population has resulted in more than 700 vehicle fleets monopoly transport with broken glasses or even fired.
In Goiania, specifically, the population increase in protests against new bus fare which increased from R $ 2.70 to R $ 2.80. The revolt is great against bad public transport services and, last year, an increase had already been barred by a great struggle of the students who took to the streets and faced brutal police repression.
The Front for the Struggle for Collective Transport Goiania, an organization that actively participates in the struggles against raising tickets, manifested in a statement demanding "immediate Freedom for political prisoners" and "end of all processes."
"Contrary to what has been stated, we are not a 'gang' or a 'criminal gang', comprised of people who aim to incite, free of charge, to acts of vandalism. The depredations bus result, in general, the dissatisfaction of users of public transport overcrowding and delays of buses, ie, with the poor quality of service, in exchange for payment of a highly abusive fare is provided to them . It is a form of resistance to the abuses committed by public transportation companies, which are not properly investigated and punished by the same judiciary that currently criminalizes the popular manifestations "- says the front Fights.

The protest note to the front Fights emphasizes that "it is important to reiterate that we are here, that prisons tend to multiply in various cities political prisons, given that we live in a time of intensification of popular struggles and criminalization of such struggles" .
The Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR) - one of the organizations attacked the monopoly of communications by taking part in the protests - also in a statement, said that "more than examples of fascist escalation that accompanies the arrival of the Cup, the last few weeks have given us evidence of this scam is that Democratic State of Law, who tries to sell democracy to the masses when it is fierce class dictatorship! Starting with the name of the operation, dubbed '2, 80 ', as if warning people that the fare of public transport will be 2.80 and for whom protest jail!
Already on the 16th of May, when there were several spontaneous protests in the bus terminal due to the shutdown of drivers, 17 protesters were arrested. The delegate of the 5th DP, where they were taken, refereed guarantees between R $ 1,400 and R $ 2,980 for youth, for example, surviving on bag from $ 400 at the University. The crimes of some of them, recorded in BO, would have been "have been lying on the asphalt" and "calling people to demonstrate" with the aggravating factor that "we do not live in a communist country." Since then, a young man - Mike - remains in prison, with bail of almost $ 3,000.00! "
"How could a group of people preying 104 bus?" - Questions the MEPR stating that the allegations made by the police "are totally groundless, based on 'evidence' as flyers, banners, posters and gauze! Most of these objects could be found with any student who has received a pamphlet. Those who study on campus 2 UFG and passes through the courtyard of FACOMB (FIC) knows drawings as shown on the news can be bought there 2 or less real. And the gauze seized were those carried by a protester as first aid supplies last May 8, to protect themselves from tear gas, and served to stop the bleeding of a boy who was beaten by plainclothes police officers. "
"There is no concrete research, the investigation was taken by Facebook. It has pictures of them on Facebook posts in the investigation. That research was this? "- Protested Natália Oliveira, committed to the defense lawyer of the arrested activists.
The lawyer also denounced suspected persecution of defense lawyers in the case. She said a car occupied by two people remained two hours standing in front of his residence. Other lawyers who sought information at the police station where the prisoners were taken were also the target of intimidation.
The lawyers filed a request for relaxation of imprisonment (which was denied) even on day 23. On 26 lawyers filed an application for habeas corpus.
On the 27th, hundreds of people protested in the streets of Goiania against the arrest of activists. The protesters gathered in University Square and then walked avenues of the capital until the Court of Justice (ECJ) in the State of Goias where they continued demanding the repeal of the arrests of the activists.
On the afternoon of May 29, a federal judge Avelirdes Almeida Pinheiro Lemos, 1st Criminal Chamber of the Court of Goiás (GO-TJ), ordered the release of the three arrested activists. With habeas corpus, Heitor Vilela, Ian and John Caetano Marques Aguiar were released around 21 o'clock that same day. Madureira Tiago Araújo, who was considered "Outlaw", received a permit to pass, which guarantees freedom.
By the end of the investigation, the activists are forced to comply "precautionary measures" such as non-participation and involvement in "riots" and order to collect from 23 to 06 hours.

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