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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Proletariat and People of Colombia: Vote No!

From Communist Party of Ecuador- Red Sun;

Google translation, with some help from សតិវ​ អតុ:

The next weekend (15/06/2014) will be the runoff election for the presidency in Colombia.
The two "finalists" to this bourgeois contest: Santos and Zuluaga, are true representatives of the most backward and repressive large sectors of Colombian bourgeoisie. While Zuluaga shown as a political "low profile," it's no secret that represents the current Uribe in short is an expression of narco paramilitarsismo in Colombia and an "ace" on the sleeve of Yankee imperialism " control "the Andean sub region.
For Santos, abortion in the same narco-paramilitary matrix, comes to represent ... the same!. That is, with them, and without them, the masses have no alternative Colombia to find a new path that allows them to stop the growing impoverishment of their living standards.
Perhaps the different looks that offer this election campaign and the presidential election itself, is at stake in tension has been the subject of internal war. This item has placed the two candidates to live the fate of a race about who offers what conditions and carry forward the "pacification" of Colombia. However, between these two twisted expressions of bourgeois-landlord power, the FARC and the ELN Late inserted to play an incidental role in the voting intentions of Colombians.
It happens now Santos is the champion of peace and now both the FARC and the ELN rush efforts to his executioner: Santos, be reelected because according to his speech and the negotiations undertaken months ago between the regime and the guerrilla current president "offers" better claudication guerrillas in relation to the "bullet" that unequivocally professes to Zuluaga in arms, and of course, unconditional surrender!
Most likely with either candidate for president of Colombia both the FARC and the ELN materialize a peace agreement that would undermine the demobilization of Colombian guerrillas. And maybe (do not doubt that possibility), the thesis Petro (Mayor of Bogotá and former leader of the M19), that the guerrillas move to make rows in the Colombian bourgeois army, not understanding that this in no way shifting political and repressive nature of the armed forces and police. In this regard there are a couple of experiences in Latin America, specifically in El Salvador where the guerrillas became part of the repressive army and become the new repressive body of the old state and the same bourgeois dictatorship landowners prior to demobilization .
Similar case lived in Nicaragua with the "against" and the FSLN. The U.S. sponsored terrorists were incorporated into an army run by small opportunistic bourgeoisie and bourgeois bureaucrats eventually restructure the repressive apparatus to pour again over the masses. That is ultimately what raises Petro.
What if we are clear and certain is that with the election the proletariat and people of Colombia is not going anywhere except to reset the administration of the old state. By participating in elections all you get is to legitimate these processes as "essential" of bourgeois democracy. There should never be room for the idea or proposal blank or invalid vote as suggested by opportunism and revisionism of Colombia. The only way is  to NOT VOTE!, Enhance the absenteeism of 52% of the first round, increase it, express it that way not only the presidential candidates and the revisionist guerrillas but who really hold power in Colombia, (large bourgeoisie, landowners and imperialism) that the masses are tired of deceit and its democratic hoax. Of course, this effort to NOT VOTE, must, necessarily, go hand in hand as another great struggle is being undertaken by the Maoist comrades in Colombia to build the instruments of the revolution and create the subjective conditions to unleash the People's War It is a war that has only one stumbling block: Communism!
 The proletariat and people of Colombia, the thousands of Colombians living in Ecuador. To those who have been displaced by a war in which both the reaction and the guerrillas land rent dispute, shady business, the administration of the regional governments and the future of the masses we say: WE VOTE,! that is the true democratic way: NO VOTE AND PREPARE THE PEOPLE'S WAR.
Peace is being used as electoral merchandise between the two contenders for the presidency, the FARC and the ELN.
La Paz Santos, Zuluaga, FARC and ELN style suggests only the silencing of some rifles, but it will happen similar to the "peace" that won the M19 so years ago, a platform for commanders and other senior and middle of demobilized guerrillas defeated and become members of the Assembly, mayors, councils, presidential candidates, ministers, etc..; much of the fighters ending with paramilitary groups (as with the PLA hoxistas concluded that militate paramilitary ranks), common criminals and few intencionen the right path, while the proletariat and poor peasants continue mass daily confronting war of hunger, unemployment, repression, simply the worst war of all the exploitation.
The proletariat and people of Ecuador are also opposed to the statements of Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, who provides government services and the country to assist in mediating the peace process between the ELN and the Colombian government. That the intention of the regime Country Alliance does not collect the sentiments of the class and the people of Ecuador who we are clear that the peace of Santos, Zuluaga, Correa, Morales, Dilma mature FARC, ELN and others is not Peace people, the oppressed, the exploited, but at the expense of peace interbourgeois peace of the majority.


"Only fools or knaves may believe that the proletariat must first win a majority in voting conducted under the yoke of the bourgeoisie, under the yoke of wage slavery, and only then should conquer power. This is the height of stupidity or hypocrisy, that is to replace the class struggle and revolution by voting under the old regime, under the old power. "


VIVA Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!


Partido Communista Del Ecuador -Sol Roja

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