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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

TIME OF STRATEGIC VALUE—War news from Ukraine

A Google translation;

The offensive of the Army and the Ukrainian National-Guard-the dictator urgently scheduled Prousa-EU Poroshenko had boasted that by 24 or 26 August this would have crushed the patriotic resistance ucraniano- South-East has bogged down. The militia troops, of standing firm and Popular Republic of New Russia, have passed the counteroffensive. The ucronazistas troops, composed of members of the so-called strong core Sector Law, received on audible defeats suffered heavy losses of men and military equipment; some units have been enclosed in pockets within enemy territory, facing surrender or annihilation.

Among the coup Nazi authorities, to the head such Poroshenko, spreads despair and fear; administration and forced recruitment hopelessly disorganized, has generated only rejection and popular mobilization against it. At the time the sewn comprador alliance, Nazi and ultranationalist is breaking visibly. A single unified government is totally impossible. What makes more and bigger glimpse internal strife and the possibility of a right-wing and militaristic putsch. As your eyes become, pathetic called armed intervention of American troops and the European Union.

So far, the only response they have received comes puppet Ban Ki-moon, the American puppet who serves as Secretary General of the UN, which has called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council. All hope in that agency will be futile: the Western imperialist powers, led by the genocidal Barak Obama, are forced to pace given the prospect of having to face the Military Covenant budding Russian and Chinese social-imperialism. Especially that the American president has to measure their war efforts against the yardstick of the upcoming elections and November this year.

Ay, Poroshenko that you are only staying! Or negotiate with the People's Republics or the devil burns your ass.

But as an old saying states "blind God who wants to lose."

Caught between two fires, the supporters to put a good face, spend time negotiating, and the pressure of the military high command and the neo-Nazi Ukrainian recalcitrant, passes the time and put in extreme danger the lives of the thousands of soldiers surrounded.

At that juncture, the ace has gone directly to hand the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Who, taking the opportunity offered by the hair, made ​​a dramatic appeal to the coup Ukrainian President to "immediately stop combat actions "agree a ceasefire and" sit down and negotiate with

 representatives of the Donbas. "With such Anyway, he has been directed to the Central Authorities and the controls militias Donbas the Popular Republics asking "opening a humanitarian corridor" in order to "avoid casualties nonsense, give them a chance to leave the combat zone without hindrance and reunited with their families, returned to their mothers, wives and children and provide urgently needed medical care to the wounded in the military operation. "Adding to continued," is why we have asked the militia of Donbas to open humanitarian corridors for the people to escape. Many have been there for several days without food or water and depleted ammunition. "

Therefore, the request of the Russian President, the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Donetzk Alexandr Zajárchenko responded positively: "We are willing to establish humanitarian corridors to the fenced Ukrainian units."

How is said above, confidence in unexpected military victory in El Salvador and arm Obama, let them reverse the military situation kievistas serious military leaders have stubbornly rejected any evacuation of encircled troops, the fight to break it and escape themselves .

The military disaster naziucraniana adventure is at the door. Materialize will change the entire political and military balance of forces between the classes, parties and armies faced today in Ukraine; also make predicting its political consequences that extend throughout the region europeoorientales.

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