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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Stand against Aquino support for US interventionism in Syria -Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the Aquino regime for aligning itself with the US interventionist war to overthrow the anti-US Assad regime in Syria and consolidate its neo-colonial rule in Iraq.

The Filipino people denounce the US imperialists for using the "war against ISIS (Islamic State)" as a pretext to launch air strikes, deploy warships, sell weapons, arm paramilitary groups and set the stage for the eventual landing of ground troops. The US is rallying its imperialist allies in the NATO in the hope of lending legitimacy to what essentially is military interventionism.

The US is launching its military interventionism in Syria with the long-term aim of weakening the Assad regime which has refused to bow to US dictates. Even as it carries out its air strikes, the US has likewise been shipping weapons to arm paramilitary groups that oppose the Assad government. This is exactly the same strategy employed by the US in 2011 when it shipped arms to Libya to arm pro-US forces that launched an armed uprising against the then anti-US Libyan government.

By establishing its military power in the region, the US also seeks to consolidate its neo-colonial regime in Iraq. Last year, the US withdrew the last of several tens of thousands of armed troops, ten years since waging a war of aggression and colonization and overthrowing the anti-US Saddam Hussein government in the name of finding “weapons of mass destruction”. Behind the curtain of the “war against ISIS”, the US military can help strengthen and consolidate the puppet Iraqi government to protect US companies mining oil in the country.

The CPP stands against US air strikes that invariably victimize unarmed civilians. Over the past several weeks, several dozen civilians, including women and children, have been killed or wounded in the US air strikes. On September 23, US Tomahawk missiles hit a village in Kafr Daryan in Syria’s Idlib province. In another US air strike on September 28 in Manbij, northern Syria, mills, grain warehouses and civilian homes were destroyed.

The CPP stands against all forms of attacks against unarmed civilians and upholds international regulations that govern the conduct of war. As such, it likewise stands against the attacks on civilians perpetrated by the group styling itself as Islamic State which is led largely by anti-US forces seeking to establish control over the vast oil fields in the Syria-Iraq-Turkey border region.

In siding with, and supporting, the US interventionist war, the Aquino regime is once again demonstrating its utter lack of independence in the exercise of foreign policy. The Aquino regime is unduly putting the Philippines in the crosshairs of forces opposed to US intervention and domination in the Middle East.

The CPP supports the revolutionary struggle of the people of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and the other Middle Eastern countries to oppose US imperialist interventionism and establish democratic governments in their respective countries. The revolutionary forces, in particular, support the revolutionary struggle of the Kurdish people in the region for self-determination.

Only by waging revolutionary struggle can the people effectively advance their struggles against US imperialist aggression, oppose religious bigotry and racial prejudice, fight tyrants and establish democracy.

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