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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good news for the coming year —Activity by Indian Maoists are up!

All the following reports are from Maoist Road:

India KFC, McDonald’s Attacked by Maoists in Kerala

PALAKKAD: A group of suspected Maoists attacked a forest office at Attappadi and two restaurants at Chandranagar in Palakkad district of Kerala in early morning on Monday. In another incident, a forest outpost at Vellamunda in Wayanad was also attacked by the alleged ultras. No casualty was reported. Sources said the outlets of KFC and McDonald on the Palakkad – Coimbatore national highway were attacked in the wee hours. Anti-US pamphlets and posters calling for armed revolution were found on the spot.
According to sources, a group of 19 people stormed into the building which houses the Silent Valley office around 1.30 AM and set fire to a jeep of the forest officials parked outside the complex. Furniture and other documents inside the office were destroyed. The gang had sped away before the forest officials and police arrived. Walkie talkie, Camera and other valuables were found missing from the office. Police have recovered pro-Maoist posters from the spot.

India - GOOD News! People's war advances! let's advance international support! 29-30-31 january three days of action!

An Intelligence Bureau dossier on the rise of the rise of the naxal movement in South India which is with OneIndia states that the Communist Party of India-Maoist is expanding its base in the Western Ghats and the focus is specifically on Kerala. The report further states this movement which is re-emerging in Kerala attempts to gradually spread its tentacles to the rest of South India. Further it is also stated that the naxal movement is gaining in strength at Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur in Kerala and Mysore, Kodagu, Udupi, Chikmagalur and Shimoga in Karnataka.

India: informes de la reacción advierten de la expansión del movimiento naxalita en el sur de la India

A Google translation:
A recent intelligence dossier prepared by the reaction Hindu warns about the expansion of Naxalite movement throughout southern India, reports OneIndia. The report said the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is expanding its base in the Western Ghats and especially in Kerala.
The report notes that this movement, which is reappearing in Kerala, try gradually spread its tentacles to the rest of South India. In addition it is also stated that the Naxalite movement is gaining strength in Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur in Kerala and Mysore, Kodagu and Udupi, Chikmagalur in Karnataka Shimoga.
Kerala has been found that the movement is gradually gaining momentum. They carry out smaller attacks with the intention of making propaganda. In addition, the report also notes that the Naxalites in Kerala are heavily infiltrated unions rubber plantations and tea.

Yesterday conducted three simultaneous attacks on multinational and imperialist reaction CENTERS they stuck posters calling people to a Navy Revolution:
India: Naxalite guerrillas launches attacks multinational imperialist centers McDonalds and KFC

The original:
Un expediente de inteligencia elaborado recientemente por la reacción hindú advierte sobre la expansión del movimiento naxalita en todo el sur de la India, según informa OneIndia. En el informe se dice que el PARTIDO Comunista de la India (Maoísta) está expandiendo su base en los Ghats Occidentales y especialmente en Kerala.
El informe señala que ESTE movimiento, que está reapareciendo en Kerala, intenta difundir gradualmente sus tentáculos al resto del sur de la India. Además también se afirma que el movimiento naxalita está ganando fuerza en Malappuram, Wayanad y Kannur en Kerala y Mysore, Kodagu y Udupi, Chikmagalur Shimoga en Karnataka.
En Kerala se ha encontrado que el movimiento poco a poco está ganando impulso. Llevan a cabo ataques más pequeños con la intención de realizar propaganda. Además el informe también señala que los naxalitas en Kerala están infiltrados fuertemente en los sindicatos de las plantaciones de caucho y té.
El informe señala que en toda la India del sur hay unos 124 pequeños grupos que apoyan la ideología naxalita y que éstos podrían SER peligrosos si no se pone freno.
Ayer llevaron a cabo tres ataques simultáneos contra multinacionales imperialistas y CENTROS de la reacción en los pegaron carteles llamando al pueblo a una Revolución Armada:

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