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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Human Rights are missing from countries of the world today—only activists- revolutionaries give us a "beacon of hope"

This International Human Rights Day we have one of the most ironic world situations imaginable. This country constantly pushes for prosecuting such countries and their leaders as Kim Jong Un, () D.P.R. (N.) Korea or Bashar Assad (بشار حافظ الأسد‎ ), Syria, for alleged political murders, torture and human rights violations in general. The US has supported the International Court of Justice, in The HagueNetherlands  to arrest these and other third world leaders for alleged violations of human rights. And nothing—I mean NOTHING—will ever be done about all the CIA crimes committed after 9/11, the police killings of black citizens or the drone murders.
In Peru the government made a political party illegal and THIS country cheered on the arrest of 30 people for working in a non-terrorist, non-combatant or paramilitary political party, MOVADEF.
The UN is now calling for this country to prosecute those in the CIA who took part in the tortures, after 9/11 along with Past President George W. Bush. But no country can make that happen and it is a sure bet that this country will white wash the CIA and Bush's crimes just as it is white washing all the police shootings.
This would all be laughable if it were not so sad. This country claims to be the "beacon of hope and freedom for the world." But the US is a miserable example of hope or freedom for the world.
There really are very few countries in the world today who are actually respecting human rights the way the international institutions as the UN suggests.
Some day in the future there may be a REAL "Beacon of hope and freedom" for the world. Today political activists the world over can only fight for such visions in their own countries. Today such a "beacon" simply doesn't exist.

-សតិវ អតុ

From World Can't Wait:

In 2014, on International Human Rights Day, where do we start?

With the CIA torture report summary?  Even stripped of much of its content, it horrifies.

With the knowledge that between July 17 and August 17, this year alone, 59 people were killed by American police?

With the anniversary, December 12, of the US drone bombing of a wedding party in Yemen that killed entire families?

Start all of those places. Holler til it hurts. Learn as much as you can.

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