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Friday, December 12, 2014

News from India — Orissa State Committee

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From Communist Party of India (Maoist);
 Orissa State Committee:

 We support the workers' demonstrations December 5, 2014
 Narendra Modi's imperialism, were in favor of the big capitalists 'labor reforms' Let's build Virud fighter struggles. Beware of Trade Yunianon ruler Wargiy & Brokers.

 Learn to live then die - learn to fight at every step.

 December 5, 2014 at the country's various trade Yunianon, Yunianon workers against anti-labor policies of the Narendra Modi, labor laws on national demonstrations against changes in favor of capitalists decided. Our CPI (Maoist), the Orissa state committee is fully stacked with the country's workers. He supports all legitimate demands. All of Orissa farmers, workers, businessmen, students, intellectuals appeal to stop their work and workers' demonstrations, rallies, processions to the partnership.

 Amendment Bill 2014 (Aprentitis) on October 10 in the House has passed. In July Fektri Act, the Labour Act also has an O. Then the women of the night shifts (shifts) will be applied to work. Over time, the hours will be doubled. No company will take the workers to work 12 hours. Prshikshu workers rather than permanent workers in companies much longer will keep on working.

 Modi government for foreign mercenaries "good day" to fulfill its promise of bringing the biggest obstacle in their way, the rights of workers in the country, little defense to put aside the beginning of the labor laws is given.

 Nearly 25 years ago, when the policies of liberalization-privatization began to implement large-scale organizations and their mercenary pamphleteers journalist since capitalists and economists have trouble making the labor laws "flexible" should be made
 Enforcement of labor laws and the poor has been made by one is so weak that they can not do anything to violate the law open. But so do not even convince capitalists. They want workers to be left completely on their Rhmo-Karam. When you hire a matter of arbitrary terms, whenever out, such as whether it wring workers, or workers in their opposition to any action or to monitor any government department.

 Now all the big robbers in the country (Adani, Ambani, Tata, Birla, Jindal, Mittal, Essar etc.) together so that's why he made the Modi government protests being crushed every effort to clean all the way to the naked booty. The "worker No. 1" is telling Modi immediately legwork.

 Even more difficult for workers to unionize has been. According to the law in any factory or company were 7 working together can make your union. Then it was increased to 15 percent. Ie a group of workers in a factory 15 percent of the total labor union registered with them so he could take. Now it has been 30 per cent. Means clear that the factory owner had reared its factory unions are two or three brokers will be very difficult to create a new union and factory, the bigger, the more it will be difficult to unionize.

 Under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 to provide for a more dangerous now, companies with 300 or fewer workers amended to remove the exemption has been granted permission by the government, the number was 100. So now a capitalist workers their work at a factory 300, close to the government does not need to ask.

 Factory involving a dispute before the labor court to move was not a deadline, for now, it has been a three-year limit. And the extent of shamelessness that these "jobs" to create and enhance the safety of workers and in the name of improving the work being.

 The government says that it will lead to more investment and more jobs. In fact, the story of increasing employment, but the capitalists to plunder the workers is more relaxing. This is just the beginning, more and more ineffective labor laws are set to continue dreaming.

 We Marxism-Leninism that all workers are Awhan-Maoist on the way to accelerate your movement. So far, with the ruling Wargiy & Brokers Trade Yunianon labor movements have only betrayed. Only a day labor strike or demonstrations can not find their real rights, workers' labor can not be removed loot. Country imperialism, to overthrow the big capitalists and Samntwadion your true liberation is possible. Maoists call you to give that up and challenge the system. The last factory Fektrian, companies have made your blood, sweat, and only you have the right to these.

 Under the leadership of our party in the country, tribal-farmers for their water-forest-land, imperialism, to overthrow Santwad & Brokers bureaucrat Punjiption Lokyudhd for construction of the new democratic India is on the move. The fight is your fight. The third phase of the operation Greenhunt trigger Modi illegitimate war on the people of his own country has intensified. Modi is against the Greenhunt everyone will speak against him, which will prevent the plunder of capital, because it is a war on you too. We appeal to the working class largely united to oppose it.

 Narendra Modi is all dramatic act Bhashngiri imperialist corporate interest. More aggressive imperialist globalization policies implemented by governments is first. I appeal to the people not the problem here in Mohazal. Recognize the reality of his anti-people policies to retort.

 With revolutionary greetings
 Sarat Chandra Majhi
 Orissa State Committee
 CPI (Maoist)

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