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Monday, February 09, 2015

Crappy politics—crappy news media and now a really crappy pop culture

I'm glad I didn't actually watch the Grammys. Ever since the turn of the century all we have in the way of pop culture is absolute garbage. Much of that comes from letting game shows decide who the important singers and celebrities are. SAM SMITH???!!! (and he stole from Tom Petty). REALLY!!! After all the great rock music of the 1980s and 1990s this is what we are left with?! He sounds a lot like Pharrell Williams. What ever happened to guys singing that sounded like actual guys? And what about having thought provoking lyrics or something innovative?
Most of this music reminds me of the bubble gum we heard in the '60s and '70s. It had little or no depth to it. It was pure mindless entertainment. And there is SIR (English Royal suck-up) Paul McCartney. He was the light weight of the Beatles. He makes good music but his lyrics suck. It's really said that one of the remaining members of the great band the Beatles suck as bad as he does. Who left the elevator door opened?
In a world run by pathetic and corrupted political hacks who have recreated this nation's politics and culture in its own image and likeness, it doesn't surprise me that our pop music culture is going through arrested development.
So maybe the majority of US citizens like this crap culture thrusted upon us by a mind numbing news media that never has anything of substance to say. We have Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback who is living proof it doesn't take intelligence or any kind of real success to win an election.
Lousy politics, lousy news media and now lousy pop music culture. It all seems to go together. I guess I'll get out my old albums from the last century to hear something worth listening to.
Actually I'm sure there are a few good music acts in this country--they are not getting ANY air play.

Every nation in the world has its own history and its own strengths and weaknesses. Since earliest times excellent things and rotten things have mingled together and accumulated over long periods. To sort them out and distinguish the essence from the dregs is a very difficult task, but we must not reject history because of this difficulty. It is no good cutting ourselves off from history and abandoning our heritage. The common people would not approve.

Mao Zedong/毛泽东

24 August 1956

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