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Monday, February 09, 2015

New Kansas bill tries to intimidate physicians

From Julie Burkhart

On Monday February 2nd, I testified before the Kansas Senate Public Health and Welfare committee in opposition to Senate Bill 95.  This bill (we are calling it the Physician Intimidation and Criminalization Act) is aimed at outlawing a specific abortion procedure, a D & E, but it could have further reaching consequences.  This procedure is the medical standard, but not limited to, for most abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy.  Anti-choice extremists want to ban this procedure because it would further their goal of banning all abortions. 

An almost identical bill (HB 1721) was also introduced in Oklahoma and will be heard next week.  We will also keep you abreast of this bill as it moves through the Oklahoma Legislature. I predict that, like other bans, this type of bill will be tried in several states over the next few years.  

Women deserve access to the best medical care possible. Doctors deserve to be able to operate at the standard of care without fear of criminalization.  Kansas and other states with restrictive anti-choice laws have spent millions of dollars defending unconstitutional bills.  We have to say enough is enough.

Julie Burkhart
Founder and CEO
Trust Women and South Wind Women's Center

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