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Friday, February 06, 2015

Victory of SYRYSA in Greece—not so bad

The election victory of SYRYSA in Greece is a major victory for the left. I realize the outcome could lead to a coup of some type. I also realize that SYRYSA might - and probably will - make so many concessions to the right-wing government and its flunkey parties that it will not be able to recognize itself at some point. That is the problem with democratic socialism.
Still, this is the first time a revolutionary left party won an election since World War 2. Just getting elected was difficult. There were so many hurdles thrown by the status quo that it took a major effort just to win. The bourgeois parties are deeply entrenched and hard to vote out. There are also the usual “dirty tricks” right-wing parties use in such elections.
The Greek left, the Greek Communist Organization (KOE and Maoist leaning) has given some support, while at the same time, not forgetting that this election victory is not to be confused with a revolution.
“The JIT sided with concrete proposals and placements, for the transformation of SYRIZA party-movement capable to unite with the people and help create a great political power to overthrow the political system and mnimoniakou regime. Following the joint decision on the Nationwide Conference to proceed to the establishment of a single body, and taking into account that there will be a new starting point, already episfragismeni with the will of the majority of the members of SYRIZA and the decisions of the Founding Congress…”
Chances are that this victory and revolutionary government will be short lived. In the mean time we can treat it as a short term victory. The Sandinistas of Nicaragua and Chile’s Salvador Allende government provided left leaning leadership while they lasted. Some revolutions just aren’t meant to last. This is probably one of them.  
Also governments as this can be a learning experience for the masses. They can understand what a left government can do for them. If there is a coup, young people will get a taste of what the bourgeoisie is really like. Especially when the phony democracy doesn’t deliver the results that the bourgeoisie expects.
So let’s congratulate the people of Greece for rebelling against the Empire and let’s wish them well on their next revolutionary action.


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