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Thursday, February 05, 2015

STOP the Operation Green Hunt—stop the war against the people of India!

January 29-30-31 was a day of solidarity with the people of India and their people's war against the bourgeoisie government. We didn't do anything in Wichita Kansas because not enough people took an interest here. However people around the world, especially Europe, did take action and I am going to report on those who have done something or at least wrote something:

From csgpindia - International delegation:

Unconditional release of all
political prisoners and prisoners in India!

In India, more than 10,000 suspected Maoists languishing in
prison to the former add thousands more involved in
national liberation movements (in Kashmir and Manipur,
in particular) and other democratic movements.
Alongside the leaders, executives, managers and combatants and combatants
the People's Liberation Army and guerrillas, over 90% of these
prisoners and prisoners of village and tribal villagers
(adivasis) who dared to resist forced displacement; of peasant and
farmers who fought against the agreements signed by governments and
transnational corporations to exploit people and continue looting
imperialist of natural resources; activists and activists
national minorities have organized to counter the threat
increasing Hindu community fascism; of Students,
intellectual, artists belonging to the Democratic Revolutionary Front
and other democratic organizations guilty to stand on the side
masses against the war waged by the Indian state; and women
women activists who have joined forces to fight against the escalating
rape in part by members of the armed forces, the police and
fascist paramilitary squads funded, for whom rape
is a legitimate weapon of war.
And where they are held, prisoners and prisoners are
facing harassment of any kind, torture, denial of a bet
on bail to inhumane living conditions, transfers
arbitrary, assault, and solitary confinement; prisoners in
particular, are often victims of rape.
Despite the fierce conditions of detention and that they undergo the
prisoners and prisoners resist and struggle to transform
dark prisons in which they and they are confined in a front of
struggle against fascism amount in India and the regime in power.
The struggle for their unconditional release is an urgent task for
solidarity and friendly forces of the Indian people; it is an integral part
the struggle to support his liberation war until victory.

The ruling classes of India are growing in this country a "
Prison popular movements ".
Since mid-2009, the Indian ruling classes, under the
direction and with the help of the imperialist powers, have launched a
offensive on several fronts and nationwide, called "Operation
Green Hunt ". This campaign is nothing but a war against the
masses; it aims to destroy the Maoist movement and suppress
legitimate popular struggles.
If the suppression of the oppressed masses is the fact that any State that assumes ??
its role in the operation of train and it has always been a
characteristic of the Indian state, Operation Green Hunt surpasses immediately
previous offensives, both in scale and brutality.
Thousands of activists of democratic organizations and
Mass revolutionaries were murdered, tortured and thrown in
prison. Convicted on false accusations, many of them
and of them face severe penalties.
Massacres and mass rape, looting and destruction of
Whole villages by armed forces are now on the agenda.
The Operation Green Hunt officially aims to eliminate the Maoist movement,
but in reality it seeks to target and remove any claim
popular. It combines the popular activists PCI
(Maoist) and then to accuse them under draconian laws
adopted by the central and local governments, in the name of the fight against
"terrorism" and "national security".


Ceylon Maoists carried propaganda works parallel with January 29-30-31 in 2015 Solidarity action days for support to the PW in India. It has launched to spread news about Indian revolution, to give support and express internationalist fraternity to Indian People.

2015 ජනවාරි 29-30-31 ඉන්දියානු විප්ලවයට සහයෝගය දැක්වීමේ ජාත්යන්තර රියාකාරී දිනට සමගාමීල ලංකා මාඕවාදීන් විසින් රචාරක කටයුතු ගෙන ගියහ. ඉන්දියානු විප්ලවය ගැන දැනුවත් කිරීම සහ එයට සහය දීම සහ ඉන්දියානු ජනතාවට ජාත්යන්තරවාදී සහෝදරත්වය රකාශ කිරීම අරමුණු කර ගනිමින් පෝස්ටර් ව්යාපාරයක් දියත් කොට තිබුණි.

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