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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Kansas State Legislature is infuriating

From F5:

Whoa, Nellie. Who are those yahoos and who sent them to Topeka to run our state? The Kansas Legislature is, in many of its actions, certifiably bat-crap crazy. Do these folks represent the people of the state or are they sleepers, seeming reasonable enough to win in a district with no Democratic candidate, until they get to the capital? This is a legislature which was ordered by the Kansas Supreme Court to up their game in funding the state's schools in order to carry out their Constitutional mandate to adequately support education. They all claim to be supporters of education, though they draw the line at frills like pianos, art classes, etc. While the funding they offer may be more than last year (and I am not sure that it really will turn out that way), it does not keep up with the rising cost of doing the schools' business. Most districts are looking at drastic mid-year cuts and deeper cuts next year. The only labor union left with enough clout to oppose the Brownshirts' plans is that of the teachers. The KNEA and affiliated organizations can turn out lots of boots on the ground during any election campaign. So, it seems, they must be broken. Last session, the legislature voted to end tenure rights for teachers. This is a big step toward making it possible to fire any teacher for any reason. The hitch was that tenure rights could be part of a negotiated agreement and therefore survive the legislature's assault.
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