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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm running for councilperson in Maize Kansas

Recently I have signed up to run for one of the open councilperson seats in Maize Kansas. I have had many problems with the city so I feel it is important to at least try and fix these problems by running for office. I was recently asked some pertinent questions as to why I am running and why I think I should win. So it only made sense to repost these answers to the questions here.
Substitute teacher, Wichita, USD 259
BA, Journalism, political science minor. Teaching certificate.
Political experience
I've run a few campaigns such as this one and I have covered small town city meetings and other events for the such newspapers as the Andover Advocate-Journal .
Campaign Questions
Why are you running?

I am running for councilman in the City of Maize because I believe the city has become to obsessed with growth and has been neglecting the needs of our citizens. Many people here, in the past, have enjoyed a community with a small town atmosphere and that seems to be in the process of being pushed out by our present city leaders.
Why should voters consider you the most qualified candidate? What in your background prepares you to serve?
First of all I'm not ashamed to be college educated. It is a sad commentary on today's politicians when education seems to works against a person. I have also been involved in many political campaigns over the years, such as working for Jim Philips, on his bid for US Representative in the Kansas First District. Besides campaigns I write a regular political column for Examiner.
What is the biggest issue facing your city and what would you do to address it? 
The biggest issue in Maize is growth. I believe we need controlled growth rather than urban sprawl and gentrification. Those businesses who move here should be held accountable to the people- not just given a free-ride at the expense of the tax-payers. There are companies who move to small towns to get tax abatements only to move when the abatement time period is up. We have to be careful of that. Businesses who move here need to pay livable wages.
What other priorities do you have and how would you address them?
We also don't need gentrification where working class people, who have lived here their whole lives, are pushed out for the benefit of more wealthy residents. Public services have taken back seat to streamlining the city's operations. The city has been increasingly more inflexible, in recent years, with those having trouble paying their utility bills, such as water. The city has even stopped putting up Christmas decorations this year, after years of providing them.
Please state, in detail, your position on open records, open meetings and transparency in government.
I have always believed in transparency in government. I believe in conducting all but those things that affect city workers' private lives. I believe all major business deals by any city government official should be handled in public. The only exception might be a personnel matter or something that affects a private individual in the community. I am not interested in flirting the rules or rolling them back. Any politician who does that is a scoundrel.
Name someone who is relatively famous, who you admire, and explain why you admire them.
I always admired Thomas Jefferson. He was a very analytical and theoretical intellectual, He liked books and was well read. He clearly understood the changes going on in the world. He realized that the US went through an actual revolution away from feudalism and royalty towards an actual modern capitalist democracy.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what and when? 

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