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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The imperialist pressures push the government SYRISA - ANEL into full submission

It is unfortunate that the new government in Greece has already been accused of rolling over in full submission of the imperialist EU (European Union). It has only been a month and the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) has made that accusation. This is not the explicitly Maoist party, but this is still not welcome news for those who want to push for an anti-imperialist program somewhere in the world.

From Bright Future/LUMINOSO FUTURO (Google Translation):

Greece: Statement of KKEmarxista-Leninist:

In just 20 minutes (So do not waste time!) Eurogroup of March 9, 2015 defines the policy that the imperialists - lenders EU - ECB - IMF oversee our country and the lives of working people.

Tomorrow program - Memorandum begin to be evaluated, talks with the imperialists "technical equipment" will begin in Brussels, the economic data of Greek and future steps for a balanced budget policy will be checked out. The Government will refrain from "unilateral action", privatizations continue and further increases in VAT will continue with social security bars.

Under the threat of financial choking the SYRISA government - ANEL takes another step towards compliance and submission to the imperialist demands, accepting the one hand, all anti-worker and anti context of previous governments, and the other is prepared to add new burdens on working people, to continue the flow of capital to lenders and to hold in place the imperialist yoke.

Imperialist threats and blackmail can not be treated by a government which always has the vote of the imperialist EU and IMF, and find the "protection" in the US imperialist. The anti-imperialist cause is the cause of a people who must immediately organize their fight and not give up the demands of bread - Jobs - freedoms.

Recent developments mean a worsening of living conditions of workers and youth, and they are preparing new measures by the old against them.

Recent agreements in the Eurogroup show that the popular movement can not wait. The imperialists, the local bourgeoisie and the government move briskly to a new "regularity" of poverty, unemployment, overburden, and leveling of the last remnants of social security.

The continuation of this nightmarish reality should not be accepted. It can not be cured by laws against the "humanitarian crisis". The workers and people should pave another avenue to claim their rights.

● Down with the government policy of submission to the imperialists!
● People do not need protectors!
● Front anti-imperialist struggle by the people and youth!
● Out US - NATO - EU - IMF Greece!
● Resistance Front and demand for pan - work - freedom!  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Syriza/Anel were never going to take Greece out of the EU.

The KKE and the Golden Dawn are the only ones for leaving the EU. Perhaps a KKE/Golden Dawn alliance will fare better.