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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Brazil- Failed agrarian reform

The following was translated from Portuguese.

From LCP - League of Poor Peasants:

On the last day 27, more than 30 families were evicted from Cashew Camp 1, located on Seawall farm, the RO-257 in Machadinho D'Oeste. They attended the shameful police action of PM, GOE, Civil Police and Fire Department, heavily armed. Until a helicopter was present. Two peasants were arrested.

Images of strong repressive apparatus can be seen on the internet, in the following matter:

Several months ago the peasants of Cashew Camp 1, supported by the LCP, came lutandom the sacred land rights. There have been several meetings with the Incra and the National Agrarian Ombudsman and negotiations were advancing. But none of that was enough to prevent more absurd eviction.
For landowners support and connivance with his crimes for evictions peasants, slander, harassment, arrests and killings of leaders

The government does not comply or bogus land reform provided for in the Federal Constitution and the peasants are brutally repressed!

Last December, the farmer Caubi Moreira Quito confessed to the chief of the Civil Police of Buritis, Dr. Renato Cesar Morari, who hired gunmen to military police service. Gercino not done anything about the (in) justice does not he arrested.

Last September, the landowner and former mayor of Vilhena or Negro Zen and heavily armed gunmen kidnapped and tortured two peasants for several days. The military police of the governor Confucius Moura (PMDB) refused to accompany a committee of lawyers, teachers, students and peasants from all over the state. After the peasants were rescued, Nego Zen and gunmen were arrested. But they were released at the same time, neither gave police the time take photo next to them, posing robocop.

Or a fifth of the repressive apparatus used to dump less than 40 families in a land that is being negotiated by Incra was sent to Rio Pardo to investigate the barbaric murder of Paul Justin. He was president of an association that fought for the rights of peasants, mainly to reoccupy the land from which they were evicted for 2 years.

No agent of the intelligence service was assigned to investigate this case, neither the murder Surveyor Jander Faria, member of the same association Paulo Justino. It is said in Rio Pardo that other 5 people were killed recently, all also argued that the evicted families reocupassem their land. But no police went to investigate. And Mario Jorge Pinto Sobrinho, agrarian delegate Rondônia still had the nerve to say in a report that the police are investigating the possibility that the murder of Paul Justin have been motivated by revenge ( / 05 / police-de-rondonia-investigates murder-for-activist-rural) for a crime committed by a homonym Paulo, Pernambuco.

Farmers are tired of so much injustice to report and nothing happens.

The peasants want land, not repression!
Land to those who work it!
Punishment for the perpetrators and instigators of crimes against peasants!

LCP - League of Poor Peasants of Rondônia and western Amazon

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