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Friday, June 26, 2015

Google backs off censorship of leftist web site

   Dear Comrdes. Today Google removed all remaining restrictions on Communist Voice Revolutionary sites on Google in response to request sent by me for Google!!

   Today I sent request for Google inform them that I face difficulty on log in by asking me to give a phone number & all PDF files on Google drive are still blocked .......... Then I recieve a notification from Google say that difficulty should be removed now!! And indeed every think return normal & all communist bokks now are viewable & downloadable !!

   I ask Google about what happened. No reply. I reasking & then I recieved a notification from them say: "Sorry for difficulty that you faced. It was a big error due to a fulse data from a 3rd party"!! I asked about what this mean & who is the 3rd party, but they not reply me. Then I asked about there previous decision to permanantly block my sites except Mao Tse Tung for Arab Library which Google decided previously to change it to an archive. They give me same answer: "Sorry for difficulty that you faced. It was a big error due to a fulse data from 3rd party"!!

   I'm very suspecious & does not trust Google further. It my be a game from Google to monitor me. I'm not sure. But why Google block accounts all this long time (2& 1/2 months)?

   In all cses I decided to launch new site for Arabic Communists Library as a spare site. If Google not liar, then new site my inhibit the effort of 3rd party which was responsible. If Google liar, then new site will cover when original sites will be blocked again in future.

   In all cases it is very obvious that Arabic Communists Library on internet is a risky penetration online for reactionaries.

   I finished 99.8 % of new site & it is just few days & I will notify the public about it's address.

   Communist Voice

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