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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Google helps repress free speech to protect world capitalism

Here we see the combination of free enterprise, a corporation- Google - working on behalf of capitalist western society and governments world-wide trying to squash free speech. We hear about all of these other "repressive" governments such as Cuba or Democratic People's Republic of North Korea where people are prevented from having free access to political ideas. And yet here we have western political forces repressing free speech. Some ideas are just too dangerous for western people to be able to read about. The governments and corporations are trying to protect us from these sites that may allow us to be exposed to bad ideas.
 AND once again I am exposing the outright hypocrisy of the western governments, such as the US and their corporate backers. Capitalism also restricts free speech and here is my latest example.



   Revolutionary Greetings ........
   In my previous e-mail I notified you that Google decided to permanently block Communist Voice revolutionary account on Google & blocking all his revolutionary sites with only one site which is Mao Tse Tung for Arab Library:
مكتبة ماو تسي تونغ للعرب / Mao Tse Tung for Arab Library

Google decided to change it into an archive.

   Today I noticed a new thing: all other blocked sites now are visible BUT NOT POSSIBLE TO LOG IN WITHOUT PHONE NUMBER!!

However, all the above sites now request from me a phone number when I enter user name & password!! Google insist on the phone number!! Moreover, all PDF files that I uploaded on Google drive are all unavailable (blocked & unviewable)!!

It is very clear that Google tried to investigate the real ID of Communist Voice & where it is located!! It is a great scandal!!

I already will transfer libraries to new servers.

For all comrades & readers please realize the position of these sites: all of them are out of my reach & I'm not able to modify them or updat them. Arabic Communists' Library is totally useless since all it's contents are PDF uploaded on Google drive & all them are totally blocked at this time.

However, Google will take a painful reply by launching Arabic Communists' Library on new servers in near future.

   Communist Voice

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