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Monday, August 10, 2015

Peru- Behind the so called "enslaved children" of the PCP (Shining Path)

Google translation from German:

Last week dozens of people were abducted from villages in the region of Ayacucho in Peru in several actions. Officially it is claimed that the settlements were organized by the "Shining Path", as is known, the situation in Peru is very complicated and the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) is in the midst of a reorganization process as currently no functioning central committee exists. A German statement on the situation can be found here. The strongest military force in the regions where the People's War has historically developed most, are the militants led by the so-called "José", but different committees of the PCP are active there. The children involved were "liberated" from the hands of alleged militants.
On July 28, 26 children and 13 adults from a settlement with helicopters were taken to a military camp with the military and the cops. On August 1, seven children and eight adults were abducted.
The reaction used these kidnappings as part of the psychological warfare against the Communists in Peru and around the world, coinciding with this massive attack it spread a sickening press campaign, with their further sealing especially German media have very excelled. Thus it is claimed that women were forced into these settlements to beget children who are to be subsequently used as "child soldiers" or "drug cultivation". Be said for the allegation of "child soldiers" must, that it is the right of every oppressed is to put up a fight. If the situation of children you look at in the rural areas of Peru, one comes to the realization that these are among the poorest and most exploited people of Peru. The poverty rate in the country is over 53%, a value that exceeds the various countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Infant mortality in Ayacucho is 32.2 (per 1000 children), a value of about 1/3 higher than in whole Peru and internationally comparable to Iraq or Morocco. In addition, located in Peru, the proportion of children aged between 5 to 17 years, most of heavy and dangerous work afford at about 42%, 70% of them in rural areas. These people must therefore be exploited, but do not rise up against their exploiters? Absurd.
However, these and the rest of the baseless allegations are nothing new, and lined up in a contradictory press releases within just a short time. So are the "liberated" people only for fear of assassination not have fled, the Vice Minister of Defense of Peru, who chaired the crime, but in an interview admits that these have set themselves against the kidnapping to defend and the children were afraid of the soldiers , The claim that the children have been abducted and detained by members of the "Shining Path", is revoked by the reaction itself, as is explained in a detailed list of various settlements that the inhabitants of this from parents of members of the activists, and the children just each, which are raised by grandparents, consist.
Other contradictions are striking when the photos of the children who are supposed to be in the hands of the revolutionaries with the photos of the "liberation" compares. So bear the latter not "modern" clothes but mainly the traditional dress of Ashaninca. In working with the exploited peoples the abolition of the old traditions and thus power structures was carried out by the PCP always.
As part of this campaign, the Peruvian State acknowledges that, contrary previous assertions, the revolutionary movement was not smashed. On the contrary, if we start from the heavily embellished official figures that move between a few hundred and a thousand, one can imagine how it is to the destruction. Example of this, want to have a list prepared by the reaction, the knowledge of at least nine villages, nine-led movement settlements that are no longer to exist?
But the campaign of lies is not limited to the press, a requirement which is to be enforced in the course of action that is the teachings of the lie of the reaction on the People's War in Peru, which is to be taught in schools.
In the whole action shows the cynicism with which bypasses the reaction with the oppressed, they call the action for tearing apart families "Reunion 2015" and give sentences like the following about himself: "la población civil no puede estar sometida como esclavos, el gobierno no lo va a permitir "(The civilian population must not be kept as slaves, which is the government does not allow).
This campaign of reaction exposes the Peruvian state as a blood-soaked state, which also has mass murderers at the top, like Ollanta Humala, the beginning of the 90 itself was as leader of Konter-guerrilla active under the pseudonym Capitán Carlos and among others for the deaths of hundreds of supporters of the revolutionary movement, especially poor farmers, is responsible.
We are convinced that the Communists in Peru are passed as part of the progress of the reorganization an appropriate response to this campaign


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