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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Communist Party of Peru (AKA Shining Path guerrillas) still alive and kicking

For the last few years the Peruvian government has declared that the Communist Party of Peru (known as Shining Path) was defeated. Actually they tend to use the word exterminate. And since they believed they had won, they decided to declare war on anyone who has sympathies for the CPC (Shining Path) or its former leader, Chairman Gonzalo (AKA Abimael Guzmán).
Last year I posted an article; Peru and the US are threatened by ideas—such as by Maoism and Gonzaloism, which explained the vicious attacks on free speech by the Peruvian government as well as attempts to change Peruvian law to make suppression of free speech legal.
Now it appears, from these two articles, that the government was wrong and had to "eat crow." Not only are the guerrillas still active, there are also a few Maoist groups keeping their ideas alive in Peru. The Peru People's Movement is continuing to support the "people's war" and it may actually be much larger than the guerrilla army itself.
There is also the  MOVADEF (Movimiento Por Amnistia Y Derechos Fundamentales/Movements for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights) which is trying to become as legal Maoist Party. The government has tried to destroy this group, but has not been successful yet.
-សតិវ អតុ

Here are two reports:

From the BBC:

6 August 2015

The Peruvian government has admitted that the Shining Path Maoist rebel group is still in existence.
"We cannot say this terrorist group has been exterminated," said Defence Minister Jakke Valakivi. "It is much weakened, of course, but it continues to operate."
Counter-terror chief Jose Baella said the left-wing rebels still have some 350 members, and 80 fighters.
Shining Path guerillas waged a bloody insurgency in Peru from 1980.
When the then-leader, known as Comrade Artemio, was captured in 2012, President Ollanta Humala declared the army's mission against the Shining Path accomplished.
For the rest, including ridiculous accusations that the PCP has "enslaved people" click here.


A Google translation:

Lima, 07/08/15
According to sources in the capital press one end of the government army was killed and three soldiers wounded when, about noon, was attacked based Mazángaro, department of Junin, a guerrilla column.
The soldiers were ready to receive supplies from a helicopter, abort tube and also, witnesses say he was shot by the guerrillas, but managed to return to base.
The press speculates on whether this attack is a response to the kidnapping of people, children, women and elderly people living in the guerrilla zone by the government army last July.

A comment from DAZIBAO ROJO:(originally in Portuguese)

Brazil: As a reminder, a few days ago, the Peruvian State has a sordid campaign against the guerrillas of the Communist Party of Brazil ", claiming to have" rescued captives ", used as slaves, including sex.
The press itself at the service of the State, acknowledged that some of these people were being rescued for the second time, proof that they were there of their own accord.
In, fact, so It is a kidnapping done by the state itself, the masses of support bases, many probably families of militants.

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