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Friday, August 07, 2015

Tonight's debate— a triumph for the sewers of American politics

I didn't really see the debate tonight, accept for a few clips, including Donald Trump. It is really sad when these professional politicians can't really stack up to a bourgeois buffoon as Trump. But at least Trump has eliminated the middleman, unlike Ted Cruz and others who are nothing more that mouthpieces for the Koch Brothers. Trump is the bourgeoisie (or at least part of it), not just a front man.
Overall these candidates represent the bottom feeder scum that the Republican Party has produced in the last 15 years. Mean spirited policies that viciously attack the poor and strive to render working people as nothing more that beaten down work horses devoid of any rights or protections on the job. These so called politicians reflect the worst the Republican Party has to offer and choosing from such a group of candidates is like fishing in a sewer.
Indeed, these slimy snake oil hucksters offer nothing to the vast workers class of the US. They offer wonderful benefits for the business community but openly brag about their attacks on immigrants, working people and other types minorities. The real question is why any working class person would vote for such people — yet we know many working people do and will vote for them.
The people at tonight's debate or a nightmare for us when or if one of them gets elected.  

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly go back and forth at the Fox News GOP debate



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