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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Brazil- Resisting landlordism and the struggle of poor peasants

The following was translated from Portuguese through Google:

From LigadosCamponesesPobres LCP: 

The peasants of the area on May 10 following struggle through the countries of the former farm Formosa, public area for agrarian reform in Buritis. Since 2004, more than 150 families live, produce and struggle on their lots, enduring all sorts of violence. And it was no different in the last eviction order, issued by Federal Judge Martins Herculano Nacif. The peasants were not intimidated and remained on their land, despite all the violence of the big farmer Caubi Moreira Quito, landowners association of Buritis region and their armed gangs of gunmen and police, including officers.
Families are mobilized, denounced the latifundia of violence, the stalling of the Incra, Cool Earth and Agrarian and made more meetings in Brasilia and Porto Velho. To get rid of the dump, the tralhadores offered to pay part of the compensation for the improvements Laird Caubi Quito. Incra registered families and pledged to speed up the settlement, but nothing is guaranteed.
Latest criminal actions of large farms in the area May 10
In turn, the military police follows attacking the peasants at the behest of large estates. Last October 15, about 5 hooded police officers were in the area on May 10, cut with chainsaw a shack and flag poles and gave firearm shots. They stopped a car on the road, searched, played down the documents were in order, uttered racist insults against the peasant and threatened: "Speak into such a league that we are not afraid of them!"
The next day, 3 cars of PM, with about 15 policemen returned, insulted the peasants of bandits and arrested 5 in their homes, claiming disobedience, as if they were in the neighboring area where there is a repossession order. They were arrested in the police van in front of the children who cried frightened, and were only released after being fined two minimum wages each. Some of these farmers have more than 4 children are so poor that arrive starving and are now paying for a crime he did not commit.
Merchants who serve the area and the entire surrounding community complain that the police are creating a climate of terror among the population and away from the parish. Vehicles arrive in trades at high speed, the police descend wielding heavy caliber gun and sending all lie on the floor, even children and pregnant women. The police accuse the "landless" in the region of several crimes, but even present court order. A criminal beats, a peasant was arrested only because they already served time, even with its charter of release.
Two years ago, the dozens of children in the area May 10 are without studying, despite the peasants have already made several complaints in Incra, Guardian Council and the prosecution.
In the region, a large review of the association of landowners are planning to assassinate peasant leaders and supporters in Buritis. In Ariquemes, several peasants were followed by a sedan car slogan, silver color, EDJ-4960 board, Porto Velho.
In the same region, peasants of Monte Verde area and other camps also suffer all kinds of violence of gunmen and police while fighting for the sacred right to land to live and sustain the family with their own work.
Governments Confucius / PMDB and Dilma / Lula / PT governments are landlordism
The National Agrarian Ombudsman, Mr. Gercino Joseph said so regularize the possessions of families in the area May 10 will punish the peasants who have committed atrocities in the region. At no time did he do anything to punish the landowners who are the real villains Jamari Valley: hire police for gunmen service, slander, persecute, arrest, attack and murder peasants and supporters, destroy their homes, gardens, creations and other belongings . Despite numerous tests, no gunman, police or landowner is punished.
On the last day 21, Gercino José met with representatives of public security of the state government to address land conflicts. Security Secretary Antonio Carlos dos Reis said police monitors all areas of conflict and to report on it to the Ministry of Agrarian Development.
That's how Confucius / PMDB and Dilma / Lula / PT treat the agrarian question: hide their crimes and the failure of land reform envisaged in the constitution and treat the struggle for land as a police matter.
Gercino José congratulated the Rondônia security secretariat for the prevention of crimes in the country and pledged resources to help in police operations. But does not give a penny to settle possessions of the peasants. And does not a word about the fact that the state has earned the shameful title of deaths champion in the field. Silence also about Buritis region where abuses abound and police crimes, including death squads run by masters and officers of PM.
At the meeting, the National Ombudsman of Gercino José landowners still threatened to suspend trading in areas where there is conflict. Thus, Dilma will increase the violence in the countryside, because the landowners will continue with their land oppressing the peasants, and in turn, workers will have to fight even more for land rights. In the last 13 years of management PT only won earth who took estates, resisted violent evictions, cut the land because, distributed lots between families, made demonstrations and political acts, cut roads and occupied public buildings.
In several meetings of police and Incra, the supporter of the name of the peasant struggle Pele appears as a promoter of the land taken. Big lie! Who encourages occupations is the stoppage of the failed land reform the government and the crisis that is already causing bankruptcies and layoffs in the trades. The life of Pele and other supporters and peasant leaders in serious danger. It needs a major campaign in defense of them.
Against the crisis, taking all the lands of large estates!
The large estate in Rondonia has already started a new offensive against the peasants and movements of struggle for land, with full support of governments Dilma / PT and Confucius / PMDB. They want to crush the peasant struggle. But every day more workers without land or with little land we seek to know when the next occupation, taken from land spread by four corners. The farmers are organized and prepare more advances the Agrarian Revolution that soon will become an invincible wave.
It is the only way to get the country out of crisis and begin the real changes we need. All the people must know, disseminate and actively support this fight.
Immediate regularization of possessions of the peasants of the area on May 10!
Fight for the land is not a crime!
Conquer the land, destroy the large estates!
LCP - League of Poor Peasants of Rondônia and western Amazon

LigadosCamponesesPobres LCP 

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