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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Koch brothers are protested — while the rest of the city "bends over" for them

After a week of being treated as savoir on par with Jesus Christ himself, about 11 people took the time to protest Charles Koch, one of the notorious Koch brothers, as he addressed the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce at Century II on Monday Night.
"We want an alternative message," said Mary Ware, one of the protesters.  "There was a lovely big article in The (Wichita Eagle) paper. there is more to the story." 
She was referring to more than an entire page article on Charles Koch, provided in The Wichita Eagle newspaper. That paper gives the Koch brothers lots of lavish praise, every so often, to these men who like to buy up our democracy.
"I take every opportunity to educate people," said Tom James, another protester. "They want to buy our democracy."
Koch was the guest of honour at the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, Monday Night.
Charles Koch, along with his brother David are billionaires known for their grooming candidates and giving them millions so their people can get elected and push the Koch brothers brand of conservatives, a philosophy that lets them pollute the environment, deny the existence of climate change and destroy unions and all the writes working people presently have.
The protest was small and that was really unfortunate. A lot of people are offended by what the Koch brothers are doing to this entire country and yet 11 people was all they could muster for a protest.
The Kochs own Wichita and like a cat that pies to mark its territory the Kochs have their names on building everywhere Koch Community Plaza, Koch Scouting Center, and the Koch Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat at the Sedgwick County Zoo. They have their name on the Koch Aquatic Center at the North Branch Y.M.C.A., and there is the Plains Nature Center’s Koch Habitat Hall. Don't forget the Henry Levitt  Arena, which is now called the Koch Arena.
Wichita truly is the Koch's personal whore.

For the Koch Brothers.

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