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Monday, November 16, 2015

PCm Italy: On attacks in France

From Maoist_Revolution/  Proletari comunisti - PCm Italy (Maoist Communist Party Italy): 

Imperialism, and the French one with a role in the front row, has sown the wind in the world and now reap the whirlwind, it has sown war and terror and now the war is coming back home.
The imperialists have created and supported the ISIS against the people and against those who interposed an obstacle to their interests, profits, oil, geopolitical control of strategic areas of the world and now the ISIS directs itself against it with barbarians massacre attacks.
Imperialism, and now the French one, answer to the terrorist attacks in the worst possible way, with a state of emergency, the open political-military-police dictatorship striking proletarians and masses first of all and democratic freedoms in the country on behalf of the owners and the reaction.
French imperialism closes borders, stiring up xenophobia and racism against immigrants.
Imperialism indicates in fact the banlieus, that is the popular neighborhoods, the poorer sections of Paris, the place of 'terrorists', but on the contrary proletarians and poors are those always subjected to repression, poverty, marginalization, social oppression, religious dicriminazione and nationalist chauvinism and racism.
Imperialism and the corrupt and unpopular Hollande ignoble government calls for national unity
to defend the interests of the French imperialist bourgeoisie, around the system and the national economy, to suppress and quell the class struggle, that instead is a necessity for the workers, the exploited and the masses, which must do it and intensify it to defend their living and working conditions, their freedom and hopes of a better future.
The genuine communists, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist, the revolutionaries, the vanguard proletarians, the democratic opposition, anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist organizations and organism of the working class and people struggle, expressing their solidarity pain for the death of many innocent people,
all they have to take a stand to say clearly:
No to imperialist and inter-imperialist war, No to reactionary wars in Syria as in Libya, in Kurdistan as in Iraq and throughout the Middle East
No support to reactionary regimes from Israel to Egypt from Turkey of Erdogan, to the monarchies of the Gulf, to all the reactionary governments in the Arab world and the Middle East, No to forces of reaction feudal and pro-imperialist like Isis etc.
YES to the support of the struggling masses from Palestine to Kurdistan, from Turkey to Libya, from Iraq to the Maghreb and the anti-feudal and anti-imperialist forces around the middle east, that are really fighting the Isis on the field and are the only ones able to defeat it.
YES to the path of authentic liberation of peoples, expressed by anti-imperialist people's war, to create new states and societies of new democracy in the whole area.
NO to the state of emergency, No to anti-people and anti-Islamic witch hunt.
No to the closure of borders, no to xenophobia, Yes to welcome and freedom of movement for the masses of immigrants fleeing war and poverty.
NO to National Unity around the ruling classes, owners and the big finance business that download the crisis on workers and peoples; around the rich and privileged strata of the imperialist metropolises, for proletarian and popular unity against the governments of the owners, for a political and social change in favor of the masses.

Proletari comunisti - PCm Italy 
14th november 2015

Pix from Democracy and Class Struggle.

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