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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Islamic State responsibility for the attacks attributed Paris:

The following is from the blog Bright Future and was translated from Spanish to English by Google. While this site does not endorse or support ISIS, we do believe our readers have a right to know what they say and believe.


BY THOMAS Joscelyn | November 14, 2015

 (Note Shining Future: We publish here the Declaration of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claiming responsibility Havoc November 13, 2015, in Paris, France Lo reproduce because we, in this blog, provide as much information. our comrades, friends and readers of the actions of armed clashes between DAESH and the Holy Alliance of Imperialist Superpowers in an imperialist war without borders).

"In a holy battle the causes of the success made possible by Allah, a group of believers Soldiers of the Caliphate (may Allah strengthen and support) attacked the capital of prostitution and vice, the main carrier of the cross in Europe - Paris, "the statement body begins.

The message continues: "This group of young believers were divorced from worldly life and advanced on his enemy in the hope of dying for the love of God, doing so in support of its religion, its Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his allies did despite his enemies therefore were sincere with God -.. we consider so -. And God granted victory in his hands and cast terror into the hearts of the Crusaders in his own country "

The Islamic State does not provide precise details about the attackers. His description matches, more or less, the information can be gleaned from press reporting. Eight attackers wearing suicide vests attacked targets throughout the city, including the Bataclan theater (where he played a band), the Stade de France (stadium where a football game was played between France and Germany) as well as restaurants and other targets. The terrorists took hostages at the Bataclan, killing over 100 people before the police raided the building.
"And eight brothers belts fitted with explosives and assault rifles attacked targets chosen precisely in the center of the French capital," the Islamic state. "These objectives include Stade de France stadium during a football match - between the teams of Germany and France, which are crossed nations -. Assisted by the jerk of France (Francois Hollande) The objectives include the Bataclan theater, where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice. There were simultaneous attacks against other targets in the tenth, eleventh and eighteenth districts, and elsewhere. "

The Islamic State said that Paris was "shaken under the feet of the crusaders, who were restricted by the streets" and the attacks resulted in "the death of no fewer than two hundred Crusaders and the wounding of more."

The authorities have confirmed that at least seven of the eight attackers detonated their suicide belts before they could be arrested or killed. "They detonated their explosives belts in the masses of unbelievers after finishing all their ammunition," the Islamic state.

The statement ends with a warning: "That France and all nations after passing know they will remain at the top of the list of objectives for the Islamic state and the smell of death will not leave their nostrils while participating in Crusader campaign, as long as dare to curse our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and provided that boast of their war on Islam in France and attacks on Muslims in the lands of the Caliphate their planes, which were useless for them in the dirty streets and alleys of Paris. "

The phrase "dare to curse our prophet" may be a reference to Charlie Hebdo magazine, which was attacked by the brothers backed by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

"In fact, this is just the beginning," says the Islamic state. "It is also a warning for anyone wanting to pay attention."

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