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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You honor imperialism- When you honour vets

What is amazing about the Republican debate on foreign policy is that there really was no debate. All the candidates want the US to be a "world leader" even though there is no evidence our leaders can handle running this country.
American Democracy today is a joke. The Republicans are setting all the debate issues and foreign policy is the one thing they won't really debate. They won't discuss whether we should be in the middle east, just how to be affective there. It's never "should we oppose Vladimir Putin and his goals?," it is how to effectively oppose him.  
This is Veteran's Day and its the day we are suppose to praise those who fight for the US
Empire. They are the ones who help our nation rob, plunder and crush other people's sovereignty.
I can remember in the 1960s and 1970s when it was not "cool" to be about the military. Now the military influence is everywhere; in the schools, on TV and in TV commercials.
Last Sunday I watched Charles Osgood's TV show. He had a whole episode on the Korean War and how local citizens there were so thankful to our vets who saved their country from a communist takeover.
Of course their country was completely developed by the US, from scratch as there was no South Korean country or any kind of organized nation. It was all organized by communist groups. The North of Korea was put together out of four guerrilla factions who fought the Japanese. The US poured a lot of development money in the south to make a show-case against the Communist Block. Until the 1990s the south was a dictatorship. By now probably few South Korean youths know that. They don't realize they live in a colony and their hated neighbours to the north have focused on being a sovereign country, not dominated by imperialist powers.

So here is to the Heroes of Imperialism- They shed their blood for their corporate masters!

If they really care about freedom and democracy they need to fight for it HERE!


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