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Friday, January 29, 2016


From La Red de Blogs Comunistas, (translated to English with Google. Otto’s War Room, -សតិវ​អតុ, also supports both Red de Blogs Comunistas and Communist Party of India (Maoist);
as a member of the International Committee of Solidarity with the People's War in India, will assume responsibility for translating from now releases the Communist Party of India (Maoist) to the Spanish language, starting with the first was published in English in 2016, dated the end of 2015, on the understanding that, like Lenin clarified in "What to do?", "... is not a communist who forgets in practice that the Communists support every revolutionary movement ... "::
From Communist Party of India (Maoist);
In the area of ​​Bijapur, Bastar, under the direct supervision of senior police officers and officers of the air force, they were made last October 13 air raid drills with the participation of three helicopters. The government of the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian People's Party), Hindi] Modi, party Brahmanical Hindu nationalist and fascist, has developed an action plan, called "Mission 2016" to liquidate the revolutionary struggle in Dandakaranya before the end of the year. These exercises and drills are part of the plan intended to end, with blood and fire with the Maoist struggle and the struggle of opposing mass forced displacement to deliver the wealth and natural resources to large national and international companies as soon as possible. Our Party utterly condemns the proposed air strikes and calls the people to raise their voice and opposes them.
In Dandakaranya, at present, they are deployed around 120,000 members of paramilitary forces, police and commands. The field security has continued to be strengthened at all times. They have left to reach the quota area the Police Force of the Central Reserve [CRPF, its acronym in English] of the Armed Forces of Chhattisgarh [CAF, its acronym in English] by Cobra ["Commando Battalion for Resolute Action "in English], police Indo-Tibetan border and border security forces. Also continues the process of creating new camps in the interior and in the vicinity of mining projects, large industrial plants, dams and railways. They are signing MOUs worth thousands and billions rupees for projects in adivasi areas most Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh), the seven districts of Bastar region and Gadchirolli (Maharashtra) in order to benefit Tata, Jindal, Essar, Jaiswal Neco, Lloyd, Adani, TPG-Texas Power Generation, etc .; ie the bureaucratic comprador bourgeoisie and multinational companies. With the same purpose of benefiting the aforementioned companies, they have signed Memoranda of Understanding with the NMDC [National Mineral Development Corporation, in English] and SAIL [Steel Authority of India Limited, in English]. To facilitate the transport of raw materials and goods from these companies, and to expedite the deployment of the armed forces, it is building the railway Dalli-Raoghat-Jagdalpur under heavy armed guard. A project to build a military training center which will occupy two-thirds of the surface of "Abuj Maad" land they have always lived the maadia adivasis, who are one of the ancient tribes. They are being constructed at the point of the gun Air Force bases, airports, heliports and fortified camps. To implement these MOUs is sparing no efforts to wrest when hundreds of thousands of acres of land [the adivasis]. There is a conspiracy to expel hundreds of thousands of people and grab the land of Maadia adivasis, Muria, Halba, Batra and Durva, plus non-adivasis Mahar, Marar, Kalad, Yadav and Gando. Thanks to the mass struggles against forced displacement, popular resistance and the people's war led our party, big companies stopped megaprojects such as Bodhghat, Mendki, Raoghat, Chargaon, AMDAI, Tulad, Surjagad, Damkodi, etc. Few of them failed to start in the last 25 years. Lohandiguda area in Bastar region, the local masses, with its implacable resistance of 10 years, forced Tata to shelve a proposed steel plant. This has been a great victory of the heroic people.
Imperialist economic and financial crisis has continued worsening. Under these conditions, governments, both central and State, have been identified as priority in their programs as soon as possible annihilation of the Maoist struggle and the newly created popular organs of political power, Krantikari Janatana Sarkar (Popular Revolutionary Committees ) as well as accelerated and looting whatever the cost of the natural wealth of the country. Modi, who is the chief lackey of the large domestic and foreign companies, has launched the third phase of "Operation Green Hunt" ["Green Hunt" in English], which is developing more aggressive and that is since 2009, an unjust war against the people to settle the revolutionary struggle throughout the country. Airstrikes must be understood in this context.
Ajit Dobhal, national security adviser, and Vijay Kumar, advisor in matters of internal security, visited Bastar during the first two weeks of October. Later, at a meeting in Raipur senior police officers and officers of the air force, the decision to carry out air strikes was taken. It should be noted that Modi visited Dantewada May 9 to deal exclusively with equity investments and the Salwa Judum-2 [paramilitaries organized by the Indian ruling classes]. It is well known that, under the guise of the "war on terrorism" carried out by the imperialists, especially the US in defense of their selfish and narrow interests, has killed many more innocent people fighters in attacks carried out with piloted aircraft or in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other countries or Israeli attacks on Palestine. Today this is still a daily reality. Needless to say that also in Dandakaranya the victim of these air strikes innocent people will not adivasis and adivasi. Before that, eight helicopters MI-17 eight drones, and had been planning day and night over the heads of the people of Chhattisgarh. They have also taken part in operations antinaxalitas five helicopters of the Air Force Nagpur. There are ongoing discussions to acquire in the near future many more drones and helicopters. It is necessary to raise their voices from all sides against the use of the army and the air force, which were created to deal with external threats and not to make war on the people. All parties should take measures to safeguard the dignity and the very existence of Adivasis. All patriots should take a step forward in defense of wealth and natural resources of the country for future generations.

Our Party calls upon all parties in the world Maoists, revolutionary organizations, international human rights organizations, trade unions, recognized democratic and progressive intellectuals, all progressive and democratic intellectuals of the country, organizations and human rights activists, to various social organizations and non-adivasis Adivasis, workers and peasants, students, youth, artists, writers, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, staff and patriotic citizens to raise their voice against the decision to carry out air strikes in Dandakaranya to namely in the areas of most adivasis Rajnandgaon, Bastar and Gadchirolli, and to take to the streets in protest.

Special Zone Committee Dandakaranya

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