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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama’s Historic Trip to Cuba and U.S Double Standards on Human Rights

I always like it when I can find a more mainstream publication that backs up accusations that I make about US foreign policy. Anyone who reads my blog will notice that I constantly like to point out that the US has human rights abuses as well as any other country. The way it looks in our mainstream press, the US is a garden of human rights delights. And writers as myself understand that when the press reprints a lie over and over again, while refusing to post any other opinions on the matter, most Americans will just assume that the mainstream press is right. So those who take the time to read such blogs as mine are lucky to get a look at the other side of these issues. American has political prisoners. America denies badly needed medical attention to its poorest citizens causing them to die early, which Cuba does not do. So here is just one more example of the double standard we get from the US government. 


March 21 – 22 will represent a historic moment in US –CUBA relations, as President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the island, marking the first official visit by a sitting US President since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. When Obama first announced his intention to re-establish normal diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba in December 2014, he stated that he would eventually visit the island if the conditions were right, which some have interpreted as a reference to conditions that are conducive to regime change.
Tangible progress has been made towards normalizing relations since Obama’s December 2014 announcement, including:  a face-to-face meeting between Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro at the Summit of the Americas in Panama in April 2015; Cuba being removed from the US State Department’s list of “State Sponsors of Terrorism” in May 2015; the reopening of Cuba’s embassy in Washington in July of 2015 and the US embassy in Havana in August 2015, which included an official visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry[1] to attend the ceremony; President Raúl Castro addressing the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2015; and, more recently, an agreement between Washington and Havana to restore regular commercial flights between the two nations, with more than 110 daily planned to service Havana and nine other Cuban cities. However, despite these signs of progress, Cuba continues to assert its sovereignty and will resist any attempts by the US or any foreign power to bring about regime change.
The developments in US-Cuba relations have already produced tangible results in the form of a 77% increase in the number of Americans that visited the island in 2015 relative to the previous year. Presently, the U.S. Treasury Department permits U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba if the nature of their visit falls under one of 12 specific categories[2], with additional categories being contemplated for the near future. However, despite these significant gains, Cuba’s full economic potential will not be fully realized until the US lifts its economic embargo against the island.

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